Box Mod Vape Devices – What Are They And How Do They Work?


When it comes to vaping devices, there are plenty of options. 

Some are simple present devices, and some offer more control to the user.

Visiting a vape shop that sells a multitude of box mod vape devices can leave you confused. 

A box mod vape device is completely interchangeable and can be customized from the ground up.

Find out what types of box mods there are and what they can do for you.

Types of box mod devices

A box mod vape device or vape mod can be customized for the user with their needs and wants in mind. 

They can not only be customized for looks, but also to suit the functional needs of the user.

Vape mods offer freedom in customizing and deliver a stronger battery than the all-in-one units. 

Technical parts 

A vape mod consists of several parts that form a box design that fits well in your palm. 

The parts of a vape mod include:

  • Mouthpiece or drip tip
  • Tank for e-juice
  • Airflow ring
  • Coil
  • Build deck
  • Battery — internal or external
  • Fire button
  • Circuit board (regulated mod only)
  • Screen display 

Regulated vs Unregulated

A regulated mod is a vape device that contains a circuit board that regulates the voltage that runs through the device. 

Many regulated mods allow you to see and adjust the voltage and resistance levels of the device — providing better power and ease of use. 

Regulated mods do not slow down the amount of voltage it delivers each draw, as the battery runs low — it runs at the settings you choose at all times. Your battery life may be extended due to the settings you use. 

You can find regulated mods in vape pens, pod mods, and box mods. 

An unregulated mod does not contain an internal circuit board like the regulated mod. 

They deliver an electric current from the battery to the atomiser. 

You receive more power, but have no control over the settings.

The benefit of using an unregulated mod is that you can use a lower resistance coil, since you have increased power. 

An unregulated mod is more complex than a regulated mod, due to having to know the way electric currents work to customize and run the device. 

The regulated mod is better for its safety, ease of use, battery length. 

This is because an unregulated mod delivers a strong current until the battery begins to die, then it slows down. 

There are two kinds of unregulated mods — mechanical and squonk.

A mechanical mod has a single battery and simple design — this device is very similar to the original vape devices. 

A squonk mod has a built-in bottle for the e-juice that allows the coil to sit in the tank to be soaked when the button is pressed — providing better firing.

Whether you want a regulated box mod or unregulated, your vape shop clerk can help you to decide which is best and help you to set it up.

Each box mod can be customized to fit your personal style and needs. 

For an easier and smoother vaping experience, try a box mod vape device today.

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