Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles Cz.Law

Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles Cz.Law

Every year, car accidents hurt millions of individuals in the United States. Numerous things, such as careless driving, speeding, drunk driving, inexperienced driving, and distracted driving, are to blame for these incidents. Many of these collisions—and the injuries they result in—are the consequence of careless driving.

Drivers who cause car accidents and cause injuries may be liable for paying for the victims’ medical bills, lost wages, and suffering. Don’t be reluctant to seek legal representation from a qualified personal injury attorney if you have been hurt in a car accident.

Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles Cz.Law

Car accident attorneys with experience and passion are here to help you with your case at Carpenter & Zuckerman. We know every trick in the book used by insurance companies to undervalue auto accident claims and shortchange crash victims since our firm has been defending the rights of accident victims for more than 25 years, and we put an end to it. For a FREE consultation, get in touch with us today!

Types of Auto Accidents CZ Law Handles

No matter what kind of auto accident you were involved in, our knowledgeable legal team is prepared to help. We have defended hurt people in many kinds of auto collisions, including but not restricted to:

  • Collisions At The Back
  • Sideswipe Collisions
  • T-Bone Collisions
  • Rollover Mishaps
  • Multi-Car Jams
  • Occurrences Of Hit-And-Runs
  • Drunken Driving Collisions
  • Road Traffic Collisions
  • Accidents Due To Distracted Driving
  • Lyft And Uber Collisions
  • Commuter Vehicle Collisions (Such As Delivery Driver Accidents, And Doordash And Grubhub Accidents)
  • Car Collisions Involving Authorities

We assist you in pursuing fair compensation for your injuries, whether you were injured by a car as a pedestrian, cyclist, driver, or even as a passenger.

Common Injuries Resulting from Auto Accidents

Any kind of car accident can result in injuries to people, even those that happen when one or more vehicles are moving slowly. The following are just a few of the most typical injuries sustained in auto accidents:

Soft-Tissue Damage

A soft tissue injury is any harm to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, or other soft tissues. Whiplash is one of many different kinds of soft tissue injuries, but it is also one of the most typical. This injury happens when the neck’s muscles and ligaments are overstretched as a result of an automobile accident’s abrupt impact. It can be extremely painful and affects the neck, head, and upper back.

Chest Wounds

When the driver’s chest strikes the steering wheel during a collision, they may suffer chest injuries such as bruises or broken ribs. However, people other than drivers might also suffer chest injuries. Wearing seatbelts may cause passengers’ chests to bruise if the collision’s impact is severe enough.

Head Trauma

Your head could jerk in a variety of directions as a result of the collision. Your head can run into the dashboard, the glass, or even the steering wheel. Passengers could get concussions, traumatic brain injuries, or skull fractures as a result.

Back Sprains

From small soft tissue injuries to serious spinal cord damage, back injuries can range in severity. You can begin to lose sensation or control in some portions of your body if a car accident damages your spinal cord. Serious spinal cord injuries can result in partial or complete paralysis.

Why Recording Evidence Is Important After An Accident

In no personal injury case is compensation guaranteed. Documenting evidence after your accident, however, can support your accident claim and increase your chances of obtaining just compensation for your situation.

What exactly should you record? It is advised that you take pictures of any injuries and property damage as soon as you can after the collision. Take pictures of the accident area, any cars or other vehicles that may have been involved, any wreckage from the impact, and any surrounding traffic signals and signs. If the driver of the other car starts to argue that they weren’t at fault for the collision, this will help you later in reconstructing the collision.

Additionally, you should keep track of any costs associated with your injuries. Keep track of your medical bills, prescription drug costs, and any other costs associated with the accident, for instance. It’s crucial to obtain a copy of your medical history as well as any X-ray, MRI, or lab test findings. You can use this proof to demonstrate that you were hurt, that the accident caused them, and that you need to be reimbursed for the costs you suffered.

Accidentally Injured? Call Cz Law’s Experienced Car Accident Attorneys Right Away!

Contact the law offices of Carpenter & Zuckerman right away to discuss your case if you were hurt by a careless driver. Our legal team will put up unwavering effort to see that you receive the settlement you are due for your medical bills, discomfort, lost wages, and other damages. We have already been successful in obtaining verdicts and settlements totaling more than $2 billion for our clients, and we want to assist you as well!

We have offices in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Orange County (Garden Grove), San Diego, Bakersfield, and Las Vegas, and our attorneys have years of expertise. We are happy to assist clients not only in California but also beyond.

For a FREE consultation with no commitment, contact us at (310) 273-1230 or use our form. in the los angeles Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles Cz. Law is the best attorney If we lose your case, you won’t be responsible for any legal fees. 

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