Machine Gun Casie Colson Baker, the daughter of Kelly, was born in 2009 Machine Gun Kelly may be a singer, rapper, and actor, but he also holds the title of father.

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13-year-old Casie Colson Baker is MGK’s daughter with ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon. Casie was born in 2009 and has a tight relationship with her famous father, both in and out of the spotlight: She has appeared on his albums and walked the red carpet with him numerous times. The “Emo Girl” rapper has even stated that he puts more faith in Casie’s artistic instincts than in his own.

The artist discloses his personal life in public, including his engagement to Megan Fox, and is very forthcoming about his love for his daughter. In July 2022, when Casie turned 13, MGK posted nice Instagram messages to her. “Today, you are officially a teenager. Happy thirteenth birthday, my sweetheart,” he captioned photographs of her clutching a cake that read “OMG YOU’RE A TEENAGER.”

Here is everything you need to know about Casie Colson Baker, the daughter of Machine Gun Kelly.

She was born in 2009

Casie, the sole daughter of MGK and Cannon, was born in Cleveland, Ohio on July 24, 2009. Her given name is Colson Baker, which is the actual name of her father.

She appears on the album Mainstream Sellout by MGK.

Casie contributed a tune to her father’s 2022 album when she was 12 years old, partnering with none other than Pete Davidson. They made fun of Los Angeles culture in a spoken track titled “wall of fame — interlude.”

She is a good cook

In a March 2022 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, MGK participated in the “Burning Questions” game. The first question posed by DeGeneres was, “What is something your daughter taught you?”

She apparently showed him how to prepare her specialty breakfast. “I was always raving about her blueberry pancakes and wondering how she did it. How are the blueberries added to the pancakes?’ Yes, just add the blueberries in the pancakes, she replied “he said. “I had no idea how to incorporate blueberries into pancakes. Apparently, all that is required is to add blueberries to the mixture. It’s very underwhelming.”

MGK loves her optimism

In December 2021, the singer appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show and discussed Casie’s optimism and purity with the host. “I was just walking behind my daughter the other day at the airport, and she has this walk, it’s this pure bounce; she’s so enthusiastic about life for someone so young,” he remarked. “So much has occurred in my life. I only pray to every god that she retains her bounce indefinitely and that no one interferes with it.”

MGK said that he hopes he will “always be able to watch her have that bounce.”

“I am willing to endure any amount of suffering inflicted upon her if it can be inflicted solely onto me, so that she can maintain that forever, because… it is worth living to see that,” he concluded. Her voice is so lovely and untainted by the negativity of the world.

She’s about to be a big sister

When MGK marries his fiancee Fox, she will acquire three siblings: Noah Shannon, Bodhi Ransom, and Journey River, whom Fox shares with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green.

Fox published photographs of herself, MGK, and Casie spending the day in Cleveland in February 2022. In one, Fox and the rapper smile alongside Casie, who makes a goofy face at the camera. The couple looks at Casie as she reaches out to Fox in another image.

She loves a red carpet moment

Casie has appeared with her famous dad numerous times on the red carpet, notably in November 2021 for the American Music Awards, where MGK won an award for favourite rock artist, and for the premiere of his film The Last Son.

She made her red carpet debut at the 2017 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards alongside her father.

She influences her dad’s music

MGK’s intimate relationship with Casie extends to respecting her musical intuitions. During his visit on Kelly Clarkson’s show in November 2021, he stated, “I now trust her perspective more than my own.” “She has her finger on the pulse of what’s popular, and if I’m doing the correct song, she’ll confirm it.”

Also musically oriented is Casie. In reality, MGK shared an Instagram video of the two rapping “Crazy in Love” by JAY-Z and Beyoncé in July 2022.

Who is Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter and how old is she?

Machine Gun Casie Colson Baker is 12 years old and was born in July 2009, when she was 12 months old.

Despite the rapper’s tendency to keep the child out of the spotlight, they have been photographed together on multiple occasions. Casie has even been observed socialising with her father and Megan Fox.

Who is Machine Gun Kelly’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama Emma Cannon?

Machine Gun Casie Colson Baker is shared by Kelly, age 31, and his ex-girlfriend, Emma Cannon.

Unlike MGK’s previous relationships, Emma is completely out of the public eye because they met before he became famous.

After meeting at a Blink-182 performance when they were both 18 years old, MGK and Emma reportedly dated briefly and welcomed their daughter the same year.

In a 2013 Mother’s Day post, Machine Gun Kelly referred to Emma as “the best mother I’ve ever seen firsthand,” indicating that the pair are on amicable terms despite their separation.

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