Celebrate With Holi Special Sweets – Holi 2023


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Gujiya Sweet

Holi is and always has been a very special festival that is all about Colors, Sweets and Thandai. People love playing around with colors all day long and when it gets a little tiring, people give in to the sweets and Thandai to relax themselves. Gujiya is known to be the most popular sweet for Holi. People love this Holi Special sweet dish and sometimes they make it at home too or order them online to wish a Happy Holi with sweets. In Maharashtra, Gujiya is known as Karanji and the filling is different from the traditional Gujiya.

Holi is a festival of colors celebrated in India and other parts of South Asia, and it is often associated with sweets and delicious treats. Here are some popular Holi sweets that you can try:

  1. Gujiya: This is a sweet pastry filled with a mixture of khoya (reduced milk solids), sugar, and dry fruits.
  2. Mathri: These are crunchy, flaky crackers made with flour and spices, often enjoyed with tea or chutney.
  3. Malpua: This is a type of pancake made with flour, milk, and sugar, and it is often soaked in syrup to make it sweet and fluffy.
  4. Thandai: This is a sweet and refreshing drink made with almonds, rose petals, and spices, and it is often consumed during Holi celebrations.
  5. Besan ke Laddoo: These are round sweets made with besan (chickpea flour), ghee, and sugar, and they are a staple of Holi celebrations.

Karanji has a coconut filling whereas Gujiya has khoya and dry fruits filling. We all know the legend behind Holi that simply needs no explanation; besides the bonfire and colors the next day, Holi is meant to bring people together. Holi mithai or Holi Sweets hold a special space in everyone’s heart and people look forward to this day.

Whether it is a grand pool party or a simple celebration with near and dear ones, Holi afternoons are always accompanied with sweets and thandai. Holi is incomplete without the usual sweets that make the festival even more special. The very famous Nariyal Ki Mithai for Holi also known as Karanji or Gujiya is quite popular all over India. It is also quite an easy recipe and instead of buying it from outside people can make it at home too and send it across. Although there is one big advantage of buying it online and that is the delivery. Once you buy it online, you can send it across quite easily due to easy shipping especially when your loved ones are living outside of India. Even when they are living in a different city, delivery is quite easy within India.

That special Holi sweet holds a very special place in people’s hearts especially the little ones. The little ones look forward to the day quite eagerly. They do get tired after a long day of playing with colors and in the end they need something to energize themselves with; that is when the Gujiya comes into the picture. They can be either baked or fried so it does not always have to be bad for health. You can make your own type of Gujiya even for the kids so that it is more healthy and they are absolutely safe to consume. Make the celebration of this year’s Holi, you can also make these for the guests who will be delighted to have them. This year’s Holi Party is going to be uber special with some amazing Gujiya and Thandai. Gujiya and Thandai do complement each other. Even if you are having a hard time selecting this year’s Holi theme, it can easily turn into a potluck and people can use the festival as a mini vacation where they can also enjoy a little picnic by the garden.

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