Century 20 Great Mall and XD – Movies & Showtimes

Century 20 Great Mall and XD

“Visit the Cinemark in Milpitas, California. savour the food and beverages. Upgrade Your Movie with Century 20 Great Mall and XD Luxurious Loungers! Buy tickets right away online!

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Eclipse Spectrum Recliner cinema chairs by Irwin Seating Company are available at the Century 20 Great Mall site of Cinemark. The XD theatres feature dual motors that let the customer operate the footrest and back independently to get into the position that’s most comfortable for them. Eclipse model recliners with flip-up centre armrests, padded, vinyl-wrapped arm caps, and cupholders are available in both the standard and XD auditoriums. For an elegant, polished look, this model also includes a completely upholstered “chaise lounge” cover.

Best ways to get from Century 20 Great Mall and XD to Dave & Buster’s


$8-10 | 3


$10-12 | 3


$12-15 | 3

Lux Black

$15-18 | 3

Lux Black XL

$28-32 | 3

Century 20 Great Mall and XD

(408) 942-7441
1010 Great Mall Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035

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