Chloe Ting: What to Know About the Fitness Vlogger and Her Workouts

chloe ting

I believe we have all heard of virtually every potential at-home exercise. Bodyweight exercises Virtual pilates classes. Pelotons (so many Pelotons). YouTube exercises. Chloe Ting of Chloe’s Addiction is the YouTube trainer I’ve heard the most about. Friends would tell me how difficult her routines were, and strangers would post sweaty selfies talking about Chloe Ting’s abdominal workout. Obviously, I was affected (or at least curious). Therefore, I utilised some of Ting’s free YouTube workouts.

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I Tried Chloe Ting’s 2-Week Shred and Here’s My Opinion

When I first heard about it, I was on the terrace of my suburban home.

“Are you familiar with Chloe Ting? My 20-year-old sister said to the buddy she was FaceTiming, “You literally get abs in a few weeks if you do her videos—crazy, it’s you should see the before-and-after photographs,” while referring to a fitness YouTuber.

My ears pricked up; a guarantee of six-pack abs in the time it typically takes to establish an exercise regimen on your own? I decided to Google it, and lo and behold, there they were: innumerable before-and-after photographs of ladies claiming to have achieved a defined stomach in two weeks. It was obviously too good to be true.

chloe ting

So, here’s the issue: if there’s one thing I’m constant with in my life, it’s exercise. I’ve simply found that if I don’t, I’m in a very different mental state than when I do, and it’s become the hour of the day that I take for myself—and at the risk of sounding irritating, I’ve grown to adore it. After years of trial and error, I believed I had finally mastered my exercise regimen a few months ago, but then COVID-19 struck.

I’ve always incorporated some sort of running into my daily regimen, but as soon as all other forms of exercise were confined to a 10-by-10 stretch of vacant space in my one-bedroom apartment, I lost all drive. I’ve never been able to get into online workout videos; I much prefer the ambiance of a class or the gym. However, I knew I had to learn to make online workout videos my go-to in 2020. Ms. Ting would have her opportunity with me.

I began with a short ab circuit that first appeared simple (no weights, no body bands, no resistance bands), but I quickly discovered it to be quite difficult. I then engaged in bodyweight arm exercises and cardio circuits led by Ting. The majority of them were deceptively challenging (and, when it came to full-body aerobics, would leave me drenched in sweat). My fiancé, who often prefers weightlifting or long distance running, also found them tough. However, I was still left wondering who Chloe Ting is and how she became so popular.

Who exactly is Chloe Ting?

Ting, an Australian trainer in her thirties, joined YouTube in 2011, but she didn’t go viral until she began uploading workouts on (what else?) TikTok and more people began taking on her “challenges.” These challenges are sometimes broken down into one- or two-week intervals and promise spectacular outcomes.

Ting presently has over 22 million YouTube subscribers. The world’s most subscribed YouTube channels have between 25 and 152 million followers, so you can imagine how popular the trainer’s training circuits and series are. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that Ting went from 10 million to 14.5 million members in just two months. People are increasingly Googling Chloe Ting’s routines, probably for the same reasons that I did.

It is essential to remember, however, that Ting is not a licensed professional fitness trainer. Especially if you have an injury, it is advisable to seek the advice of a licensed specialist for your unique fitness needs.

chloe ting

Chloe Ting’s Workouts

It will vary from person to person whether or not her series is worthwhile, but I can speak from my experience. For someone who has focused primarily on cardio mixed with light dumbbell training for the past seven months, doing workouts that required no equipment (some you could probably do without shoes) was a welcome change. I also appreciated that several of Ting’s more strenuous sessions included low-impact movement alternatives. Some even mentioned whether or not jumping was involved. This function is tremendously helpful if you are prone to injury or are just getting back into a regular fitness regimen.

It is true that a portion of Ting’s success may be attributable to the popularity of her workouts (and TikTok), but her training is also effective (there are around a billion before-and-after photographs available if you look). The durations of her programmes range from five minutes to more than twenty minutes for one-week, two-week, and month-long programmes. Before moving on to her 30-minute, full-body circuits, I recommend beginning with one of Ting’s shorter workouts (this ab workout has over 300 million views for a reason). Choose from the following focal areas, which can be further tailored to the type of workout (warm-up, strength and tone, HIIT and cardio, or cool down).

  • Arms
  • Bum
  • Core and Abs
  • Legs
  • Upper body
  • Lower body
  • Full body

Nevertheless, Ting’s routines are also extremely accessible. They are free, don’t require special workout attire or equipment (unless you choose a programme that includes weights or resistance bands), and can often be customised based on ability level. No gym membership is necessary.

After exploring Chloe Ting’s YouTube channel and feeling immediately overwhelmed, I learned that she offers free exercise regimens on her blog, outlining which videos you should perform each day of the week. There are plans such as a fitness challenge, one for your abs and butt, and of course, her renowned two-week shred, which I choose to begin with.

The programme consists of 14 days of 2-4 films per day, of which two are always the same HIIT and abdominal videos. The daily period spans from 25 to 50 minutes, and two of the fourteen days are designated as rest days. It’s elementary, and a rainy Sunday marked the beginning of my first day.

I was pleasantly delighted with the workouts on the first day. They were challenging, but not so difficult that I felt physically exhausted afterward; rather, I felt successful and like I had a decent workout. Enjoying workouts is half the battle, and I felt quite upbeat about the remaining two weeks.

As I indicated previously, home training videos have never been my thing, but I think what’s fantastic about this arrangement is:

  • Two weeks is a short time frame that is manageable, and
  • The precise schedule outlined for you makes it more manageable.

It didn’t feel like a duty or something I had to do; rather, it was a pleasant challenge that I incorporated into my otherwise monotonous and tedious quarantine days.

The catch? No matter what you think, life gets in the way.

My experience was not flawless, and if I’m being really honest, I’ve debated whether or not to write this because I felt I needed to follow the 14-day programme to the letter for it to truly count. But extremely lengthy work days and days in which your dog ingests an unknown substance that makes him ill and necessitates a trip to the veterinarian during your workout time do occur. Normally, I know I’ll exercise the following day, but this programme made me question whether I needed to start from fresh. Chloe Ting specifies on her website that you can add more rest days or change the timetable to meet your life, so I did just that, and I believe it makes my experience even more realistic.

I’ve been following Chloe’s workouts for around six weeks. I used her two-week shred programme for a decent but flawed three to four weeks, and then began mixing her other videos into my workout routine to supplement a run, which I’ve absolutely loved. Have I got a six-pack? No. Do I resemble the before-and-after pictures that people have tagged her in? No. I appear the same as when I began, but I feel noticeably stronger, and I adore how readily her videos fit into my home life. Two weeks ago, she announced a weight-based challenge, which I’ve been enjoying tremendously, and which feels tough (in the greatest way) because I can increase my weights each week.

People desire a quick fix and want to believe that they can actually improve their bodies within a few weeks, which is why trendy exercise programmes exist.

And I’m confident you can if you theoretically overhaul your entire lifestyle. Yes, if you have never trained before and do ab exercises for the first time for two consecutive weeks, you will likely see more definition than you did 14 days ago. Why doesn’t this post have ridiculous before-and-after images? The before and after appearances are identical, but that is perfectly acceptable and what I anticipated.

But if you’ve been exercising regularly for a while and are attempting a new workout for a few weeks, you probably won’t notice miraculous results—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth trying. A free exercise programme that helps you feel stronger and provides you something to do while you’re alone yourself? It is impossible to make a complaint. These videos have changed up my workout regimen and introduced me to something new, for which I am grateful, and I will continue with the programme I’ve begun. Whether you’re in a workout rut and need encouragement or simply want to try something new, these videos are well worth your time; but, don’t let your expectations get in the way.

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