Chrystie Scott Bio, Affair, Divorce & Net Worth

chrystie scott

On November 30, 1949, Chrystie Scott was born for the first time in the United States of America. She will be 71 years old in 2020. She is a member of the white ethnicity and has American citizenship. Regarding her scholastic history, she received her diploma from an American private school.

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Is Chrystie Jenner still Married after her Divorce?

Chrystie Jenner is a single woman as of right now. On December 15, 1972, she got married for the first time to Caitlyn Jenner. The pair dated for a number of years prior to getting engaged. They continued to have a lot of fun and pleasant times even after being married.

However, after eight years of marriage, they realised that they could no longer stand the strain and filed for divorce in 1980. But on January 2, 1981, the divorce was officially formalised. They have a daughter named Cassandra Marino and a boy named Burt Jenner from their marriage.

Her ex-husband Bruce altered his sexual orientation after they divorced and assumed the name Caitlyn. Chrystie said that she had been aware of Bruce’s gender issues from the start. She didn’t cause him any difficulties, though, and she continued to be trouble-free.

On July 10, 1982, she wed Richard Scott after divorcing Bruce. She had a very close relationship with him as well for approximately 14 years till they split up in 1996. She hasn’t been in a relationship since that time. We do, however, hope that she enjoys being single.

What is Chrystie Jenner’s Net Worth and Salary?

Chrystie has a career despite having become well-known as Caitlyn’s ex-wife. Caitlyn, her ex-husband, is estimated to be worth $100 million as of 2022.


Chrystie Jenner has appeared in a lot of movies and TV shows, which is commendable given her line of work. She had attracted attention for the first time on the television programme “The Mike Douglas Show.” In addition to this, she was given a role in the 1977 television movie “SST: Death Flight.” In the 1996 documentary collection “E! True Hollywood Story,” Chrystie created her most recent appearance.

Personal Life

Chrystie Jenner is married right now, which sheds some light on her private lifestyle. Chrystie had a husband. She has been in a committed relationship with Richard for at least two decades, and there are no issues in their relationship. Caitlyn Jenner and her were wed on or around December 15, 1972. She piqued the media’s curiosity at the moment. She started dating Bruce Jenner in 1970. Chrystie has two sons named Burton and a daughter named Cassandra as a result of her marriage to Caitlyn Jenner. After a period of eight years, their divorce was finalised on January 2, 1981. His former spouse underwent gender change.

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