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Cities Starting with B

Cities Starting with B – I’m sure you landed up here for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re looking for an answer to a quiz question, or maybe you make the quiz questions! Maybe you’re putting together some homeschooling resources, or you’re a teacher preparing a class test. Whatever brought you here and for whatever purpose, you’ll find a list of cities that start with the letter B below. We’ve narrowed the list down to cities in different nations that begin with the letter B.

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List of Cities Starting with B

Here is a list of cities around the world that start with the letter “B”:

  1. Baghdad, Iraq
  2. Baku, Azerbaijan
  3. Bali, Indonesia
  4. Baltimore, United States
  5. Bangalore, India
  6. Bangkok, Thailand
  7. Barcelona, Spain
  8. Beijing, China
  9. Beirut, Lebanon
  10. Belgrade, Serbia
  11. Berlin, Germany
  12. Bern, Switzerland
  13. Bilbao, Spain
  14. Birmingham, United Kingdom
  15. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  16. Bogota, Colombia
  17. Boise, United States
  18. Bologna, Italy
  19. Boston, United States
  20. Brasília, Brazil
  21. Bratislava, Slovakia
  22. Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
  23. Brisbane, Australia
  24. Bristol, United Kingdom
  25. Brussels, Belgium
  26. Bucharest, Romania
  27. Budapest, Hungary
  28. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  29. Bujumbura, Burundi
  30. Bukhara, Uzbekistan
  31. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  32. Busan, South Korea

FAQs Cities Starting with B

Q: What are some major cities that start with “B” in the United States?

A: Major cities in the United States that begin with the letter “B” include Baltimore, Boston, Birmingham, Boise, and Buffalo.

Q: Are there any famous cities that start with “B” in Europe?

A: Yes, several major European towns begin with the letter “B,” including Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Bucharest (Romania), and Budapest (Hungary).

Q: Can you name some capital cities starting with “B”?

A: Some capital cities starting with “B” include Baghdad (Iraq), Baku (Azerbaijan), Bangkok (Thailand), Beijing (China), and Bern (Switzerland).

Q: What are some cities that start with “B” in Australia?

A: Some cities in Australia that start with “B” include Brisbane, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Bunbury.

Q: Are there any cities that start with “B” in Africa?

A: Yes, there are several cities in Africa that start with “B,” including Bamako (Mali), Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo), Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), and Bujumbura (Burundi).

Q: What are some well-known cities in Asia that start with “B”?

A: Well-known cities in Asia starting with “B” include Bangkok (Thailand), Beijing (China), Bangalore (India), and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).

Q: Can you provide some cities starting with “B” in South America?

A: Some cities in South America that start with “B” include Buenos Aires (Argentina), Brasília (Brazil), Bogota (Colombia), and Barranquilla (Colombia).

Q: Are there any cities starting with “B” in the Middle East?

A: Yes, there are several cities in the Middle East starting with “B,” such as Baghdad (Iraq), Baku (Azerbaijan), Beirut (Lebanon), and Bandar Abbas (Iran).

Q: Can you list some cities in Canada that start with “B”?

A: Some cities in Canada that start with “B” include Brampton, Barrie, Belleville, Brandon, and Brantford.

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