Common Types of Problems Faced in Mobiles (Android phones)

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These days, is it possible to remain a day without the mobile? The reason, you can complete seventy-five percent of the daily tasks with your android phone. You can order food to your home, pay bills, transfer money and more. But yes, there are also times when this wanted device starts giving problems. In this article, let us focus on the common types of problems faced in mobiles. 

Common Mobile Phone Issues

Issues can become big problems if not solved at the right instant. Some mobile problems are not easy to get solved. 

To keep the phone secure at all times, ensure you invest in a screen protector or case. In case, the phone slips from your grasp, it will not take a nasty fall and get damaged.

A. Reduced Performance

One of the common types of problems faced in mobiles. If your mobile is more than five years old, you can get reduced performance. And yes there can be another reason. It can be the presence of unwanted apps that causes a delay in the function of the RAM. To ensure that the device is working properly, you should clear off every unwanted app from the mobile. 

You also need to check which is faster – The Mobile data connection or Wi-Fi. There are chances the WiFi is strong. In these cases, it is better to close the other apps which are running without your permission.  

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B. Battery 

There are times when the power from your mobile drops at a fast pace. Or the phone gets charged slowly. Especially, when you play videos and more, the losing of charges will be fast. 

To save power, go to the Settings – Battery and check on apps that drain the battery. Remove them and the device will work fine.

C. Storage Space

It may be an old android mobile or new model. But it will get filled with photos/videos and other files. If you plan to store more, purchase a model that is linked to the cloud and can expand its memory.

It is vital to clean the cache. You can use various apps for the purpose. 

D. Phone Crash

It is a rare situation. Happens when you make use of various apps at the same time. You need to restart the device and delete the unwanted apps.

E. Overheating

Do you play games on the mobile? Then some games can take minutes and hours. In the meantime, the device will get heated up. When the overheating occurs, then the performance will take a beating. 

You should not try to play videos while charging the mobile. If the device gets overheated now and then, it is time to buy a new model. 


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F. Cracked Screen

There are times when children out of curiosity throw the mobile and the screen gets cracked. But if you had put a tempered glass on the display, then the damage will be less. You can remove the glass yourself and buy a new one. It will take some patience to do the job, but believe us, you will gain new knowledge and save a few bucks.

In case the screen is cracked, then ensure that the moisture does not get inside the phone. Or else the internal parts will face the rust problem. 

Immersion in Water

There are hundreds of mobiles which get damaged because the device falls in the water. In such situations, you need to take the device to a mobile repair specialist. Are you in Mumbai? And your three-year-old daughter has thrown the mobile into the water bucket. You no doubt retrieve the device, but it has suffered some damage.

The most important part is the conserving of family photos and files inside the mobile. So, you want to fix the problem in quick time. Take the mobile and download the app of companies offering doorstep home service Mumbai. Now search among the profiles and search for the best technician offering mobile phone repair in Mumbai. Schedule the time for repair. The pro will come to your home and then fix the problem. 

Now, why is the doorstep repair service preferred by many customers?

The reason, mobiles are storage bases of confidential information. If you take it to a mobile shop, there are chances that the repair may get delayed. 

In the first stage, you need to turn off the device. Then immerse it in the rice bowl. The rice grains can absorb the moisture. But it is mandatory to have a mobile repair expert remove every drop of water from the mobile. The device needs to dry out, and only skilled hands can solve this problem. 

Before deleting the photos, you can take a physical copy. Or else you can make use of the microSD card to gain some more memory. 

  1. App Problem

Do you have an app that is a favorite? Of late, you find when running the application, the display freezes and the performance becomes low. The main reason – recent version contains bugs or the app is not properly optimized. Check the reviews, and if needed, delete the app for some time. You can then install the app when the problem gets over and you find the information in the specific website of the app. You can also gain information online on the app.

  1. Charger

It is not that the phone is having a problem. Even the tiny ends of the charger may have been filled with dirt. The reason, why the slow down in the charging process. So, kindly make a thorough check before deciding the phone is having a problem.

If you find the charger ends have got stuck with dirt, then use an old toothbrush to clean the dirt. Now put the charger once again to the switchboard and connect the mobile. It should work fine. 


So, these are the common types of problems faced in mobiles. Do you have information on more challenges faced in mobiles? You can inform us by sending an email or via leaving a comment below.

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