Death of Eva-Maria Hagen, the Brigitte Bardot of the GDR

Eva-Maria Hagen

Eva-Maria Hagen, one of the most well-known RDA actors, passed away on August 16 at the age of 87.

Both Eva-Maria Hagen’s daughter and her nephew were killed by the artist generation. The Hagens’ family patriarch has now left this world, but their music, films, and artwork continue. The “Brigitte Bardot of the DDR” was 87 years old.

In opposition to BILD, Nina Hagen, a singer, states, together with her children Cosma Shiva and Otis, “On August 16, 2022, our beloved Eva-Maria Hagen left this strange world and has preceded us into the eternal home. We grieve deeply, lovingly, and with gratitude.

German actress and singer Eva-Maria Hagen, a former member of the RDA who eventually left for political reasons, passed away on August 16 at the age of 87, her family announced at a memorial service on August 19. According to Nina Hagen, the face of German punk rock, “Notre adorée Eva-Maria Hagen” has left the physical world and will return to it on August 16, 2022.

Born in Kolczyn, Germany, on October 19, 1934, Eva-Maria Hagen had her stage debut in Katzgraben in 1953. This play was created by renowned dramatist Bertolt Brecht for the prestigious Berliner Ensemble and later adapted for the big screen. In addition to theatre, the character known as “Brigitte Bardot of the RDA” has appeared in more than 50 movies. She became one of the most well-known actresses in East Germany, especially with the success of the 1957 state-produced romantic comedy Vergesst mir meine Traudel nicht (Noubliez pas ma petite Traudel), which featured a young orpheline of war who fell in love with a police officer.

Before their divorce, she had a daughter named Nina who was born in 1955. She then remarried for five years to author Hans Olivia-Hagen and moved in with composer and regime critic Wolf Biermann. When the RDA authorities strip him of his German nationality, Eva-Maria Hagen and her daughter also suffer humiliation and are forbidden from working in their fields. The family leaves the RDA in 1977 and settles in Berlin-East. Eva-Maria Hagen then embarks on a second career that combines singing and acting, which she pursues up until the Mur fell in Germany at the beginning of the 1990s.

With her flamboyant and provocative stage appearances, Nina, his daughter, has grown to be one of the major players in the German punk scene. His career has been filled with scandals, militantism, spirituality, and esoterism. Cosma Shiva Hagen, Nina Hagen’s daughter, began her acting career at a young age and frequently appeared in public with her mother and grandmother.

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