Disinfectants for homes make Cleaning easy and fast

Disinfectants for homes

Introduction :-

The concept of home cleaning is quite an underrated and neglected subject in our minds. We usually ignore or overlook the importance of cleanliness in our homes. Let us know the importance of home cleaning. 

Why is cleaning homes so important ?

  • Clean home leads to a healthy mind and body .It keeps the spread of germs and bacteria at bay. Cleaning ,Vacuuming ,and home disinfection helps hinder the growth of germs.
  • Dirt ,dust , germs often lead to illness and problems leading to health issues. It becomes all the more important to keep a check on it before it becomes too late.
  • Asthma , cough ,breathing problems are seen to be rising and dirt and dust can be accounted to b  as one of the reasons behind it.
  • It is always better to have a clean home as it is aesthetically pleasing and a clean environment always reduces stress and fatigue.
  • You don’t have to work extra hard when the load piles up and it also saves embarrassment when you have surprise guests.

Disinfectant for Homes :-

    • Cleaning homes and keeping them safe and free from germs and bacteria is important but following the right process and right products is equally important.
  • Using disinfectants for home to keep homes and surroundings is extremely important as they contain the right ingredients in the right proportions required for home disinfection.
  • Simple cleaning and sanitizing is not the same as using disinfectants.

Different forms and types of Disinfectants :-

  • There are different forms of disinfectants like disinfectant wipes , disinfectant sprays , Isopropyl alcohol , Hydrogen peroxide which are effective in killing germs and viruses.
  • Examples of chemical home disinfectants include alcohol, formaldehyde , hydrogen peroxide , Chlorine and its compounds.
  • Some of the organic disinfectants are alcohol ,vinegar ,hot water ,hydrogen peroxide and some essential oils (example orange oil). These organic disinfectants can also act as chemical disinfectants like bleach and can be as effective in killing germs and bacteria. They are non toxic disinfectants.
  • Organic disinfectants are safe to use and are usually made of natural ingredients which do not contain harmful chemicals. They are effective in killing germs and bacteria.
  • Some of the common chemical disinfectants are chlorine,phenol, calcium ,ethanol ,etc.
  • Some of the best disinfectants are hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and bleach.
  • Eco friendly disinfectants are also available which are made of ingredients like plant fibres (which are compostable) ,essential oils like rosemary oil (having antibacterial and antiseptic properties) orange oil ,lemongrass oil ( an aromatherapeutic cleanser), oils with medicinal properties.
  • Eco friendly Disinfectants are non toxic ,non corrosive and pH neutral.

Danolyte disinfectants – Danolyte (Hypochlorous acid , HOCl) is an extremely effective disinfectant which works very well against all types of germs ,bacteria and Virus. It is extensively used in hospitals during Covid environment.

It is a powerful solution during covid times and is more effective than bleach.

Deodorizer for homes –White vinegar, baking soda ,boiling spices , air fresheners are important as they absorb odors

 And removes the nasty smell. Example Lysol Max disinfectant spray. They kill the bacteria that cause odour

Important Points While Choosing Home Disinfectants :-

Before buying a home disinfectant you should know the answers to the following questions :-

  • How corrosive the disinfectant is
  • How does the hard water affect it?
  • Does it irritate the skin and eyes?
  • Once diluted , what is its shelf life?
  • Is it toxic or organic or eco friendly?

Why are disinfectants important ?What are the benefits of home disinfectants?

Disinfectants are strong and powerful solutions with ingredients and composition which is effective in treating the surface area to remove germs ,bacteria and viruses.

They are highly effective and take very little time to act.

Why are disinfectants preferred over cleaning?

There is a difference between simple cleaning/ sanitizing and disinfecting. 

Cleaning only removes dirt ,dust ,and grime from the surface . You may use a cleaning agent like soap ,detergent ,water while cleaning but it may not be strong or effective enough to kill the germs and virus.

That is when Disinfectants come into picture. Disinfectants can clean as well as kill the germs and the viruses present on the surfaces of the home, toys, utensils, tables, chairs, etc. 


These Are the things A Disinfectant Does

  • Disinfectants are strong , chemical based solutions equipped to kill germs ,bacteria and viruses unlike cleaning agents.
  • They are more powerful and effective in fighting germs & viruses.
  • You need to use disinfectant for home even after cleaning to clean the soil from the surface ,to kill the germs that the cleaning agent could not.

Final words :-

Home is where the heart is and you would always want it to be clean and safe . Home Disinfectants not only clean your space ,but also ensure your health and safety from viruses ,germs and diseases.

It is better to indulge in proper cleaning practices using home disinfectants and have a hygienic and healthy life .


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