Fab Guys Dating App 2023: A Complete Guide Information


A dating app for homose*ual guys, Fab Guys is similar to Grindr, Hornet, Scruff, Blued, and Chappy. However, it has existed for a lot longer than dating apps like Tinder.

A dating service for gay and bi men, FabGuys. com, was established in 2005 and has a growing member base.

In the UK, FabGuys is without a doubt the most well-liked mobile dating app for gay guys. Since 2010, it has been in operation. Every day, more than 20,000 chocolate thieves operate online. I have so enjoyed utilising this website much for the past three years. And I’m delighted to report that it more than meets my expectations. It is jam-packed with kinky berties from all across the UK. I use the app to locate men for a quick se* and enjoyment everywhere I go, even when I travel abroad.

But recently, my pals have requested me to recommend some additional FabGuys-like websites. Diversity is essential for all. In order to give you a wider selection of the top gay dating websites in the UK and some other countries, I have decided to share this piece with you. Therefore, let’s go right to the point.

Extended searches are available using more specialized criteria.

You can use regional searches to find local singles who are interested in dating. On huge dating sites, it is frequently challenging to get adequate attention from other users. This is mostly due to the fact that there are too many individuals with profiles that are similar, making it challenging to stand out. Thankfully, fabguys provides a premium Priority Listing in their search results, allowing more searches to see your profile.

You can prevent specific members from contacting you on fabguys. com. If you are getting too many responses from members you are not interested in, this can be quite helpful.

Other members can be invited to private talks or entered directly. Webcam chat is also available on fabguys. A great and secure preview for a first date is a webcam chatroom.

A public website, fabguys. Your profile is visible to everyone who visits this website. This is not the website for you if you require complete confidentiality and privacy! On fabguys, there is no way to hide your photographs, thus everybody may see you.

Typically, your profile allows you to submit a number of images. Fabguys gives users the chance to upload private photos and restrict access to only the members you choose. Some dating websites provide a panic button that allows users to go to another website right away. On fabguys, this feature is not accessible.

Since fabguys. com uses an SSL connection for all data transmission, it is technically impossible for anyone to intercept your conversations.

What is FabGuys. com?

A dating service for homose*ual men that is “fun, free, and fabulous” is referred to as Fab Guys, or FabGuys as it is occasionally called. Although it only accepts gay males, it also accepts bise*ual men and transgender people, however the latter have fewer profile options.

The website is run by Fabulous Entertainment, and it has a swinging couple-founded companion site called FabSwingers. com that serves the swinging community.

Should I join Fab Guys?

You may explore users nearby and have online chats with strangers on Fab Guys, which is free to join and use.

Why not give it a try if you’re trying to meet individuals while travelling (the list of countries is quite limited) or nearby? Even though the user interface is a touch archaic, the free version can still be used to set up a meetup.

How can I sign up for Fab Guys?

At FabGuys. com, registration takes about five minutes. You may browse nearby folks right away after entering a few personal details that the website promises to keep confidential.

Do I have to pay?

Both joining and using FabGuys. com are free of charge.

But is FabGuys. com really free to use?

The great majority of Fab Guys’ features are both free to use and free to sign up for. As a “Site Supporter,” you can register and gain access to additional services like huge webcam video in the chat rooms and the knowledge of who has viewed you.

Can I use Fab Guys at work?

Never do it! It is recommended to save this for after work if your workplace prohibits you from accessing 18+ content while you are at work.

“FabGuys. com is for adults 18+ exclusively,” the webpage states.

Many profiles have NSFW profile photographs, and it can be difficult to avoid them. Even trying to sneak a peak at your messages could put you in an awkward situation.

I’m going abroad on holiday – does Fab Guys work there?

There are many nations where Fab Guys are available, including the UK.

You should be able to utilise Fab Guys while visiting Australia, Canada, Ireland, or New Zealand if you are travelling there.

So how do I sign up Fab Guys?

1. On the homepage, click “join us.”

2. Type in your username (which should not be your real name! ), email address, and password. Next, indicate if you are a man, part of a man-couple, transgender, or cross-dressing.

Then type in your birthdate, confirm that you are older than 18, and decide whether or not you want your computer to keep your login information before clicking “I am over 18, create my account.”

3. Next, choose whether you want to meet a man, a male pair, a transgender person, or a cross-dresser. You may also specify an age range, whether you will meet smokers, and whether you can travel and accommodate. Choose your nation, then click Save and Next to continue.

4. The first half of your postcode (for the UK) will be requested as part of your personal information; this information is kept private and is only used to find matches in the area. In addition, you must provide your town of residence, first name, middle name, and birthdate, as well as your se*ual orientation, height, and body type, as well as whether you drink.

The next step is to choose a role from versatile, bottom, top, or oral, as well as your race, dick size, and smoking status.

5. After that, choose your interests from a lengthy selection and enter a profile title and brief bio.

You will be ready to use the website fully after selecting next. You can search for nearby users, video chat with them, and update your own profile with more details and images.

Safety first on Fab Guys

Gubair Boshir, 19, a former waiter, was given a 17-year prison term in December 2017 for attempting to kill a man he met on Fab Guys.

The unnamed victim was met by Boshir at his apartment, where he repeatedly stabbed him with a knife and strangled him, according to evidence presented at Cardiff Crown Court. Before departing, he allegedly took a cell phone and £180 in cash from the victim.

Fortunately, the victim—who shall remain unnamed for legal reasons—survived, but the tragedy resulted in scarring on his face and torso.

The attack was carried out by stabbing and strangulation, according to the judge, who called the crime “horrific.”

Boshir’s effort to injure someone he met on a dating website is not the first, and it most likely won’t be the last either. Always proceed with caution when using any dating or hookup app or website.

Check out 15 ways to remain safe on Grindr and other dating apps for advice on how to keep safe and act responsibly while meeting people.

Close Your Account (How to delete Fab Guys profile?)

There is no need to worry about cancelling any payments because this dating site is free. You have two choices for deleting your profile from the website. Members won’t be able to read your profile if you deactivate it, which will make it hidden. You can log in and reactivate your profile whenever you want to using this option. As an alternative, you can erase your profile by closing your account. If you want to use the site again after it has been erased, you must establish a new profile. You can close your account on fabguys, but you can also deactivate it. On the other hand, you are entirely free to close your account if you so want. Additionally, you can always opt out of any email distributions or lists.

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