Find Out Who is Running For President in 2024- U.S. Presidential Election

U.S. Presidential Election

The road to the 2024 US presidential election began almost immediately following the conclusion of the 2018 midterms, and some candidates are already in the wings.

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination, promising to “make America great and glorious again.”

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Despite continuing to be Republican voters’ first pick, Mr. Trump is now more vulnerable than ever due to his legal woes and his part in the party’s disappointing performance in the midterm elections.

The former president, who will be 78 years old when the general election begins, may face formidable opposition from a group of Republican aspirants, some of whom once supported him.

Joe Biden , President

Biden, 80, made his intention to run for reelection official in April after months of hints.

The key point of his campaign: In a campaign ad, Biden promised to defend “personal freedom,” including the right to abortion, the franchise, and Social Security. In his view, Trump poses a threat to the United States, and he claims to be ready to face him. On infrastructure, the environment, and semiconductors, he has boasted of legislative victories.

Donald Trump, the ex-president

Trump, 76, has been leading in early 2024 surveys after announcing his run last year and gaining strong support among some Republicans. He is the subject of multiple judicial inquiries, one of which has led to criminal accusations.

The key point of his campaign: Former President Trump has claimed, falsely, that he is a victim of overzealous, politically motivated prosecutors who stole the 2020 election from him. His address for this election cycle focused on the same issues as his previous run: border control, the economy, and criminal justice reform.

Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida

After months of speculation, 44-year-old DeSantis formally entered the race on May 24.

The key point of his campaign: DeSantis, who is widely regarded as Trump’s most formidable primary challenger, is pinning his candidacy on a string of legislative victories in Florida that advance a conservative cultural agenda on issues of race, gender, and education.

Tim Scott, Republican Senator

South Carolina’s 57-year-old senator is a major figure among African-American Republicans. On May 22nd, he officially began his run for president.

The key point of his campaign: At his alma school, Charleston Southern University, Scott shared his faith and personal narrative to emphasize a hopeful view for America. He’s pitching himself as Trump and DeSantis’s problem-free third option. 

Larry Elder, a conservative commentator on radio

Elder, 71, declared his candidacy in April after unsuccessfully challenging Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in a California recall election.

The key point of his campaign: Veteran radio personality Elder tweeted, “America is in decline, but this decline is not inevitable.” He claims he wants to usher in “a new American Golden Age” by becoming president.

Asa Hutchinson, the former governor of Arkansas

The 72-year-old Hutchinson, an outspoken opponent of Trump, declared his candidacy for president in April. He has advocated for Trump to withdraw from the 2024 presidential election.

The key point of his campaign: The two-term governor of Arkansas claimed that this is “one of the most unexpected political environments” he has ever seen, while also positioning himself as the candidate who displays “consistent conservatism.”

Vivek Ramaswamy , The entrepreneur and investor 

Ramaswamy, 37, a political newcomer, declared his candidacy for president at the beginning of this year.

The key point of his campaign: He campaigned on a platform of restoring America’s “national identity” and advancing far more conservative measures than Trump has proposed. His book “Woke Inc.” is a scathing indictment of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and he has been a vocal opponent of such initiatives.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a lawyer and activist.

Kennedy, 69, began his campaign for the Democratic nomination in April. He is the passionately anti-vaccine nephew of ex President John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, used his nearly two-hour campaign announcement to accuse the government and the media of “lying to us” about the pandemic and the pharmaceutical industry’s response to it. 

Nikki Haley, former UN envoy

Haley, 51 at the time of her entry, is a former US ambassador to the United Nations and the governor of South Carolina. Likely the only woman to run for the Republican nomination.

The key point of her campaign: Her stump speech emphasizes her origins as the daughter of Indian immigrants and her argument for a new generation of leadership to advance the country. 

Marianne Williamson, a writer

Self-help author Williamson, 70, is challenging Biden for the Democratic nomination despite having a very low chance of winning.

The key point of her campaign: Williamson wants to take on corporate power and economic inequality, and he favors universal health care and free state college and university tuition. 

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Watch out for

Republicans like former Vice President Mike Pence, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu is also thinking about running for president. According to my findings, all of these people are interested in the presidency of the United States. You can follow me for more informative content.

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