Five Reasons why Cricket becomes more interesting while playing Fantasy Cricket


Cricket is the most popular and most watched sport in India. In India, people watch cricket with great interest, and somewhere, fantasy cricket also adds some interest in it. That’s why, within a few years, millions of cricket fans have started playing fantasy cricket on different fantasy platforms like Dream11, Real11, Lottabet , Fan fight, Ballebaazi and many others.

A few years ago, who would have thought that you can be able to earn real cash through fantasy cricket leagues, and even while sitting at a place, you can make the perfect use of your cricket knowledge. Apart from winning real cash from such platforms, people can also communicate with the biggest cricket community.

Here’s a list of reasons which proves that cricket becomes more interesting while playing fantasy cricket:

  1. You don’t just support a team but also players: While watching cricket, you always support a team and if your favorite team is losing, you also lose your interest. But while playing fantasy cricket, you support players and, in the meantime, you also feel excited when a player from the opposition team scores runs or picks wickets because you’ve picked him in your fantasy team.
  2. Your knowledge increases through fantasy cricket: While taking part in different leagues like IPL (Indian Premier League), PSL (Pakistan Super League), BBL (Big Bash League), BPL (Bangladesh Premier League), CPL (Caribbean Premier League) and many others, you also get useful information about players and their respective teams.
  3. Research and analysis offer you good records: While researching about players and teams, you get to know about many facts and data that may excite you and help you to offer good records even to your friends and family. With the help of these records, the users can also be able to make the necessary changes in their team too because sometimes a player has better batting/bowling record against a particular opposition. Hence, analysis before the match helps the users to create a strong team, which can help the person to win real cash on such platforms.
  4. You can actually win real cash with your cricket knowledge: There are many people who have different opinions about cricket and believe that their ideas could have given a better outcome. So, here’s your platform where you can showcase your talent and prove everyone that you actually have a great sense of understanding about cricket. Just create your team(s), enjoy the match, and win some real cash for your next shopping tour.
  5. For cricket lovers, fantasy cricket is a paradise: People who love to read about cricket, who always try to find some original cricket facts, and who like to search for old scorecards – fantasy cricket is a dream platform for such people. If your analysis and research are good enough, then you can earn a handsome amount also. It actually depends on your research and understanding about cricket.

Cricket is a religion in India and with the inclusion of fantasy cricket, people have also found more of a meaning in cricket.

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