Free SEO Guide: Why Are Backlinks Important?

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Did you know that nearly 43% of the top-ranking pages on the internet contain links that lead people back to their sites?

This is why it is necessary to have the best free SEO guide to teach you all about the importance of backlinks and how critical they are to boosting SEO.

Backlinks building is valuable for SEO because they represent a “vote of confidence” from one site to another. To grow brand awareness, here is the SEO training you need to master collecting the right backlinks.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are also known as incoming links or inbound links. These are links that you get from one website to link to a page on another website. Search engine platforms like Google consider backlinks as “votes of confidence” for a specific page.

This means that pages with a higher number of backlinks get more organic reach through search engine rankings. Google rewards a website with a lot of backlinks because it means the content is valuable, which is why other websites are linking to it.

For instance, a scientific journal may link government bodies like the CDC in their content to let their readers know that they have researched information carefully before publishing.

The link will point directly to another page, and this is ultimately known as a backlink. For more information on google ads ppc management check out EngineRoom

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Since backlinks are votes that websites share with each other, each vote tells Google that the content is credible, valuable, and useful. The more of these votes you have leading to your page, the more your website will increase in rankings.

Backlinks are also not a new concept. Using links in search engine algorithms is a tale as old as time. Backlinks had always formed the foundation of search engine platforms like Google’s original algorithm, especially when it was known as PageRank.

Although Google has made numerous algorithm changes over the years, backlinks are still more valuable than ever for ranking.

Types of Backlinks

Not all backlinks are equal and valuable. If you want to rank higher in the search engine results pages, you want to accumulate quality backlinks. The last thing you want is a lot of dodgy websites linking to your page because it will harm the credibility of your content.

A single-quality backlink can be more valuable than a thousand low-quality ones. High-quality backlinks are what you need because they come from authoritative websites that are trusted sources.

For instance, you would always prefer to get a backlink from a top university than some random guy’s blog. Google also feels the same, which is why it rewards sites with many high-quality backlinks.

The more authority a website has, the more it can pass to your site through the link. Imagine how excited you would be if you were a tech blogger and received a backlink from a site like PC Mag or TechCrunch.

These are extremely trusted and authoritative domains, which is why you would be over the moon if one of them linked to your articles. However, it is essential to note that getting top backlinks is a significant challenge.

This is because renowned websites will not tarnish their brand by linking to just anybody. Therefore, it is always worth creating the best content that can raise your backlinks standards.

Remember that your anchor text is the part of the text you see with the link. Therefore, you want your links to have anchor texts highlighting your target keyword.

But you should never go overboard with keyword-rich anchor texts. Google has a new filter called Google Penguin that filters out sites that use black hat link-building strategies. Check out this free tool to obtain the best backlinks.

Topically Related

When a site links to another website, Google needs to see that the two pages are related. For instance, if you are selling knitted sweaters online, it would be strange to backlink to a website that sells kitchenware.

If you publish an article about running a marathon, search engines will put a lot more weight on links to sites about fitness and running instead of automobiles.

You must always create linkable assets so that people who click on a backlink to your website feel it is worth doing so. A linkable asset can be a video, a piece of software, a survey, or a blog post.

It can be anything that people want to link to. Typically, your linkable asset will be the best piece of content related to the site that wants to link to it.

Things to Look For

There are many factors you should consider when getting links. Always go for top-tier websites because they have tons of traffic and high domain metrics. They also publish new content daily.

Less valuable links include new websites and directory websites. They do not publish their own content, which is why they have low traffic. They also let anyone create a profile, so you never know who could be linking irrelevant information.

New sites also tend to have little traffic and low metrics. Any links you get from these will not be as powerful as established websites. Even though some of these may be worth getting, the link will only grow in value as the site becomes more established.

Your Free SEO Guide to Getting the Best Backlinks Today

Now that you have the best free SEO guide to help you start collecting the best backlinks, it is time to create meaningful content to attract high-quality links.

Remember that you can rank on Google without building backlinks, but you will struggle to rank for much other than low-competition keywords.

You must also ensure that any backlinks you have are related to your page and content. Otherwise, search engine platforms may devalue your website by killing you in the ranks if you consistently attract low-quality backlinks.

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