Google May Fire 6 Percent Of Employees With Poor Performance Rating In 2023

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Google’s status as an outlier amid labour reductions by other tech giants is about to expire as its parent company Alphabet also has plans to let go of 10,000 workers, or around 6% of its workforce.

It appears that many workers might be let go in the first quarter of 2023. According to reports, the corporation has developed a new performance ranking system and anticipates that 6% of employees will slip into the low-performance category. According to some sources, the search engine giant intends to dismiss employees based on their performance evaluations. Here is what we currently know.

In Short

  • Google is said to fire 6 percent of employees who have poorly performed.
  • A previous report claims Google has plans to sack as many as 10,000 employees soon.
  • Amazon is also expected to layoff thousands of employees in early 2023.

Just last week, a meeting was conducted at Google to discuss how the staff members were performing. According to people with knowledge of the situation, Google anticipates that 6% of full-time employees will fall into the poorly performed category, putting them “at risk for remedial action.” Given that there have been persistent rumours of layoffs, it is possible that these individuals will soon be sacked.

This appears possible given a recent The Information article claiming that Google intends to cut 6% of workforce, or roughly 10,000 employees, based on performance. Under a new method, the corporation is evaluating the performance of the workforce. According to the referenced source, if an employee wants to be in the highest-rated group, they must have “achieved the nearly impossible” and contributed “more than we (Google) imagined possible.”

According to reports, Google predicts that 22% of its workforce will fall into one of the two highest categories. Several employees have reportedly complained about procedural and technological problems with the new performance system, according to the newspaper. Therefore, they think the ratings of the staff won’t be accurate. Executives are said to have previously stated that a small number of job losses would occur soon, despite the fact that the search engine giant has not yet made any announcements regarding its layoff plans.

Many staff have voiced their worries at meetings regarding the company’s layoff scenario, but Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, isn’t said to have allayed their concerns. According to the article, despite promising complete transparency to its staff, the corporation hasn’t provided information on the layoff situation or its strategies for reducing headcounts.

Aside from that, 2023 is not expected to see workforce layoffs at just Google. Amazon has previously affirmed that employee layoffs will continue into the following year. Although we don’t have the precise number, sources have stated that the corporation intends to fire up to 20,000 workers.

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