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Wedding day is a special day for both the bride and groom, so why should only the bride go for makeup and the groom carry back? 

Anyways gone are the days when our grooms were holding back. Nowadays, we all know the time they spent on looking dashing for their day. So, dude here are some twisty tips that you must remember while preparing for your wedding day look. 

To complement your ‘sehra’ and ‘sherwani’, all you need is a touch of little makeup and a bright smile. I mean you can show your happiness. It is your day so, never forget to live and enjoy it to the fullest. Here are a few makeup tips for you to get a perfect wedding look. The simple things you need to consider are –

Prep your skin

This is the most important step to consider before stepping forward to anything else. It is always crucial to keep in memory the idea that good skin magnifies your makeup. Drinking a lot of water is one of the key factors to keep in mind. As it helps to make your skin hydrated and fresh. So guys, do not forget to add an extra portion of water to your whisky glass at your cocktail party. JK, drinking a lot of water is actually necessary. Do not skip. 

Clean and tone

Before starting with anything you need to well clean and tone your skin. So do not forget to use a good cleanser to wipe off all the dirt and of course your stress simultaneously, so you look relaxed. Tonner is also equally essential to tone and fix your skin before anything and it will make your skin bland too. You can even consider a face serum before beginning. 

Moisturize your skin 

This is also the follow up for preparing and pampering your skin for a smooth look and avoiding rough skin texture. There are many natural moisturizers as well but for guys, it is a little uneasy to use them due to hairy textured skin. So it is better to use some organic moisturizer. I will definitely suggest you use the Tinted moisturizer by BOTICOMAN. This is very light and smooth to carry on your skin, even it helps you prepare for any makeup look. The best part of it is that it is chemical-free and does not harm your skin. It is one of the best men’s moisturizers to consider. 

Also, BOTICOMAN ORGANICS’s tinted moisturizer is a foundation, moisturizer, and concealer. In short, a complete pack rolled in one. It is a moisturizer that we use daily but with additional qualities like skin hydration, sun protection and face foundation.


Conceal with concealer 

Never forget to add to your list the concealer. This is the superhero as it helps to conceal and give you a perfectly even skin look. It helps to hide down all the dark spots and the patchy skin color even for further steps. So, it is essential especially to cover yours under your eyes. The perfect color shade is equally important. You must check out YOUTHREDUX UNDER-EYE CONCEALER STICK by BOTICOMAN ORGANICS as its expertly crafted stick to powder formula gives you undetectable coverage that will hide all your facial imperfections from the eyes of your friends, family and foes.

This leading brand brings the best shade to complement the Indian skin colour. 

Beard or No beard

It is really important to decide beforehand whether you want a bearded look or a clean look. If you want a bearded look, which is definitely trendy then you must plan what you exactly want. The last moment brings a lot of confusion. Also, if you have decided to go for a bearded look then do not forget to groom and prepare your facial hair, a good time before your wedding events so you get overall a good look. 


This is another necessary factor, although you have to wear a ‘sehra’ but still do not overlook the styling of your hair. As you might not consider taking some pictures without your turban. Anyways, it is for other events as well. Do pick a perfect hair gel and a good style to compliment you and your entire attire. 

Do not do extra

Always keep in mind do not make your face a cake!

Do not forget your partner will be there at your competition as well! 

Always keep an idea and then only move to another step or otherwise, you will mess up everything. It is always advisable to call a professional as they have a good experience and a proper idea of how and what exactly you need on your day. They will definitely give a perfect look for your wedding. 

Forget about contouring and winged eyeliner, as it is seriously something extra. Remember, do not overload your skin with tons of things, let it be simple!

A lot more things can make your skin sweaty and eventually destroy your entire look. That is why hold back to the mere formula of simple yet elegant. 

These were a few short tips to create a perfect look for your wedding day. I hope it will help. Also, do not forget to count our congratulations if your wedding is nearby. 

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