Here’s What Your Baby’s Day Of Birth Predicts About His/Her Personality

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Will your baby’s personality turn out to be introverted or extroverted? Will he be like you, your husband, or will he be someone different from everyone else in the family? Watching our children learn to babble, take tiny steps, go to school, and eventually become taller than us is an interesting, enthralling puzzle! While concrete answers will only come at a later date, the day your child was born holds intriguing secrets for you.

It is believed that the seven days of the week are ruled by seven different planets according to our ancestors. Your personality and behaviors are strongly influenced by this ruling planet, thus determining the kind of person you grow up to be. My son’s ruling planet is. Do you think this tool will help you predict their future personality?

  1. Monday – Moon Baby ( Outstanding Traits: Moody & Emotional)

Moody & Emotional Baby

A moody child is a possibility if your baby was born on Monday. Whereas all kids will experience mood swings throughout their developmental years, the moods of Monday babies are as fluid as the waxing and waning moon. However, it should be noted that they are also kind, adaptive, and empathetic, sometimes excessively so. When children are caught up in an over-possessive state, get them to feel secure and loved.

  1. Tuesday – Mars Baby (Outstanding Traits: Enthusiastic & Energetic)

Enthusiastic & Energetic

To put it mildly, your bundle of joy will be a scrapper! For the most part, children on Tuesday have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. That, if harnessed constructively, makes them diligent and hard-working as they pursue their goal. Be aware that they can also be impatient and pushy if not contained — this is especially important for moms to be aware of, as they have to play a significant role in managing their anger.

  1. Wednesday – Mercury Baby (Outstanding Traits: Inquisitive, Talkative & Restless)

Inquisitive, Talkative & Restless

It brings restlessness during the middle of the week, doesn’t it? It is generally accepted by the scientific community that Wednesday babies have the same sort of inquisitive, questioning spirit. It is also very likely that your child will be talkative and logical, but occasionally will be sloppy. Stay away from unimportant chatter

  1. Thursday – Jupiter Baby (Outstanding Traits: Independent & Free Thinker) 

Outstanding Traits: Independent & Free Thinker

According to astrologers, you have among the most lucky stars. Babies born on this day are more likely to be happy, self-sufficient, and think positively — abilities that are vital for success in life. As your child gets older, he or she may become quick-tongued and extravagant with their spending. Show him that balance and moderation are important by being a good role model.

      5. Friday – Venus Baby (Outstanding Traits: Artistic & Social)


Artistic & Social

Artsy and creative activities are likely to captivate and intrigue your baby. The frisky ones, like Friday children, have a keen attraction to beauty, colours, elegance, and art. There is a greater likelihood that people who are creative and aesthetically inclined will grow up to be social and aesthetic. Get their bodies moving by including household chores and physical activities in their day.

  1. Saturday – Saturn Baby (Outstanding Traits: Practical & Balanced)

Practical & Balanced

It is very interesting to be born on a day where all the Zodiac signs are said to influence you less. For this reason, Saturday children are noted for being down-to-earth and measured, if just a little distrustful of those around them. Jealousy might appear in your child from time to time, and it is very important to assure them  Mamma loves them a lot!

  1. Sunday – Sun Baby (Outstanding Traits: Creative, Happy & Bold)

Creative, Happy & Bold

You will have a ray of sunshine in your life, whether you are young or old. Sunday’s baby is inherently creative, bold, and powerful in their conduct. Remember to keep a close eye on excessive or boisterous behavior. This can be a problem for all babies, even the ones who are named Sun.

It’s been exciting for our team to check off each of these names! There have been many “yes, that’s me!” moments, too. As much as you want to shape your baby’s personality, it takes a lot of work, and getting some extra help from the stars is almost always a good idea.

#HappyWeek #happyChild Cheer 😉


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