How Does SR-22 Insurance Work?

sr-22 insurance

Finding affordable California car insurance is challenging for those with a DUI or other violations, like driving with a suspended license or without proof of insurance. California requires an SR-22 Form to reissue driver’s licenses for those with a DUI. Discover how SR-22 insurance works to help people get back on the road.

What Is an SR-22 Form?

An SR-22 Form is similar to the SR-1 form used to report traffic accidents. Filing the SR-22 is the DMV’s proof of financial responsibility after traffic incidents and typically requires a small fee. Unfortunately, drivers cannot fill out an SR-22 Form themselves, so call George today to have a professional insurance provider file it on your behalf.

Insurance Before Driver’s License

Often drivers are dropped by a previous carrier if they lose their license due to violations. To regain a driver’s license, you must find insurance with SR-22 coverage and have the new provider submit the necessary form to DMV. Once the coverage is secured, and the form is filed, you can get your driver’s license back.

sr-22 insurance

How Long Do California Drivers Need to Carry SR-22 Insurance?

Once drivers find an SR-22 insurance policy, they must carry it for three years from when their license is reissued. Once the driver completes the four-month driving privileges suspension, they must have this insurance for three years. Some drivers can get a restricted license during the four-month suspension to drive to and from work.

Regaining Good Driver Status

Many drivers are concerned about regaining “good driver” status after violations to help reduce insurance costs. However, it takes ten years to regain this status, as long as drivers have no other incidents. Additionally, changing carriers does not change a driver’s status because all insurance carriers can access DMV records.

Beware of Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance

While the DMV sometimes mandates non-owner SR-22 insurance, this coverage is only for drivers using third-party vehicles they do not use habitually and are not part of the household. Also, this insurance only covers damage done to others, not to the driver or the vehicle they are driving. As a result, this coverage is best avoided unless mandated by the DMV.

Getting Started

Drivers cannot independently secure an SR-22 insurance policy because the insurance carrier must complete the required DMV form. Thus, consulting with qualified insurance providers is the first step toward getting the necessary coverage to regain your driver’s license and get on the road again. The comparison process can be frustrating, and working with a broker makes a difference because they can shop around for you.

Secure the Best Coverage

Often people think the cheapest insurance policy is the best option. However, cheap insurance may not provide essential coverage and could leave drivers in a difficult situation if they get into an accident. Therefore, while low rates are significant, the policy should also be comprehensive to ensure adequate coverage, if needed, with an affordable deductible.

Securing SR-22 insurance is critical to regaining your driver’s license and getting on the ten-year road to good driver status. The first step toward regaining your driver’s license and freedom is consulting with a qualified California insurance broker to determine your options. Then, with the right coverage and attitude, you can get the necessary coverage to regain your driver’s license and rebuild your life.

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