How to Enhance Your Business Growth With the Right Services

As a business owner, you should always be looking for new ways to optimize your operations and increase efficiency. While there are numerous business tools and software available on the market today, it can be hard to know which ones are right for your team.

From software integrations to your marketing efforts, the business tools your company utilizes should help streamline workflows and grow your operations. The following are a few of the top business solutions software deployments and services that can help you improve your business processes.

What is virtual call center software?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and required quarantine, many businesses have had to switch to fully remote operations for all of their employees. This forced physical distance for business teams has resulted in many disruptions in routine and communication.

Customer service teams for companies of all sizes have had to adjust to this transition and changes in their workflows. The customer experience and employee engagement shouldn’t have to suffer just because of a shift to remote work. Thankfully, there are software integrations that can help make this transition painless and optimize your communication channels.


One of the most useful integrations for this particular situation is virtual contact center software from Bright Pattern. Traditional call center operations are slowly starting to become obsolete and impractical for most customer service teams today.

Bright Pattern’s virtual contact center solutions allow for a better experience because it seamlessly connects all of your at-home agents’ communication channels and collaboration tools. Your remote agents will have access to all the dynamic automation tools they need to work more efficiently right at their fingertips.


With features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), intelligent routing, and intuitive call distribution, your team can handle more customers in less time. Business continuity never has to be an issue again with the help of virtual contact center software. You can easily take your customer experience to the next level with the real-time analytics and quality management systems that Bright Pattern’s contact center deployments provide.

Why should you use product video production services?

In our modern world, businesses— especially small businesses— need to focus on growing their online presence in order to thrive. Your business’s website and social media profiles are your main source of connection to potential customers. It’s especially important to focus your time, energy, and resources on your online channels in our post-COVID world.

Many customers rely on the internet for their shopping needs as they can’t always make it into physical stores. When potential customers see your website and social media accounts, the quality of the content gives them their first impression of your business.


The best way to improve your company’s online presence and grow brand awareness is by partnering with photography and videography professionals. While you may feel it’s okay to keep your product photography and social media efforts in-house in order to save money, it’s actually better for your business, in the long run, to invest in these things and outsource them to professionals. The right video production services firm can help you create high-quality product photos and explainer videos for your social media and advertising campaigns.



The product video production experts at COLDEA Productions understand the importance of high-quality online content for businesses. Their product videography services include photography, animations, videography, live-streaming, and video editing.

If you’re looking to take your advertising and online presence to the next level, COLDEA Productions is here to help. Their team of creatives can help you create unique content that showcases the integrity and superiority of your products. Potential clients take notice when it comes to quality product photography, which is why it’s smart to leave it to the pros.

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