How To Find Your Active Dental Patients Using An Online Map

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For any local dental office, one of the keys to dental marketing success is when you know where your patients live. In marketing for dentists, locating your active patients using a map can help your dental practice improve your marketing plan.

When you focus your dental marketing strategies and efforts on targeted areas where you already have existing success rates in attracting your patients, you will also be more efficient in utilizing dental marketing funds.

Knowing where your active patients live can also help you find other similar areas you already have dental success.

On this blog, you will learn how to find your active patients on a map on your own so you can better understand your dental practice. 

Let us start!

1. Collect a list of Your Active Patients

Start by creating an excel file that includes the address of your patients and the date of their first visit. Remove the name, email, phone, etc.

2. Make a Live Map

Visit batchgeo This online tool will allow you to plot the existing addresses on a map. 

It will also create clusters that show you high-volume areas. 

The next thing to do is to save the file and drag/drop it into the text box area. After uploading the list, click the “Validate & Set Options” button.

Ensure that your excel address, city, and state column matches, then click on “Group by” the first visit date. 

The next step is to click the “Map Now” button. It will start generating your map.

Each grouping with a number in the middle represents the number of patients you have in that area. 

If you group it by the first date of a dental appointment, the colors will be the date range of the first visit date. You can also try exploring your practice’s blueprint by zooming in/out from the map.

3. Analyze Insights From Your Gathered Data

After you embed the details and generate a map where you can navigate your existing patient location, you can also notice if someone draws a 3-5 mile radius around the dental office. 

You can use that two clusters of patients further from your office direction could be your potential new patients per month that you can use for your dental marketing target.

Using a patient map, you will have accurate data to determine the geo-fencing for your dental marketing strategies.

Pro Tip: Aside from encoding your patient’s first visit date, you can also include the total production category. From this, you’ll be able to see the map and analyze the most valuable areas where all your Invisalign, dental implants, and veneer patients live.

Are You Ready To Rise?

We hope that you learned a lot in finding your active patients using an online map, and hopefully, this can help you grow your dental practice. 

Generating a map from an existing patient list will generate great insights into marketing for dentists. And use the radius to curate dental marketing tactics that suit well based on their geographics. 

If you have any questions on how to find and analyze your local target and craft dental marketing strategies for the dominant local target, feel free to contact us for a consultation.  


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