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For homeowners looking to bring their staircases into the 21st century, incorporating glass staircase parts is a popular option.

From making your hallway feel much bigger and brighter to helping create a more seamless flight, glass staircases offer many benefits for every home – regardless of style and décor.

But it’s a big change from your traditional wooden staircase. A certain level of maintenance will be required, and before you invest, there are some things you should know about keeping it in the best condition.

Clean glass staircase parts regularly and carefully

The key to keeping your glass balustrade parts in excellent condition is to clean them regularly.

You should wipe them down once every week with the rest of your glass furnishings, using a microfibre cloth and a gentle solution of warm water, washing-up liquid and a drop of lemon juice or vinegar to remove particularly stubborn spots of dirt.

Try to avoid using generic glass cleaning sprays – as these tend to leave residue or streaks – as well as abrasive scrubbing tools that can scratch and scuff the glass.

Use a soft, dry cloth and rub in gentle circular motions to buff out any remaining spots, streaks or grubby fingerprints.

Look out for signs of damage

As the saying goes – prevention is better than cure. And the only true way to prevent damage to glass staircases is by taking good care of them with regular cleaning and careful use.

However, even when you do everything right, there’s still a small chance that an accident can occur – resulting in scuffs, chips or worst-case scenario, cracks.

Keep a close eye out for any signs of damage, doing a visual check every few times you go up or down, just to ensure everything is still as it should be.

If you do spot any issues – anything from a loose panel to a small chip – be sure to contact the manufacturer and organise a repair or replacement as soon as possible.

Use your stairs responsibly

The toughened, laminated glass used to make glass staircases is incredibly hard-wearing and durable, but this isn’t to say that it can endure careless use.

Whilst adults can grasp this concept easily, small children will need to be taught how to use the stairs safely and responsibly. 

This includes enforcing no shoes on the stairs, no running, or no swinging bags or heavy laundry baskets rules. 

Need further advice?

There’s no denying how great of an addition a glass balustrade is to your home, but they must be taken good care of.

Whether you’re new to the idea of glass staircases and would like to know more, or you’re simply looking for new ways to prolong your existing set of glass stairs, be sure to reach out to a staircase specialist today!

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