How to Make a Public Profile on Snapchat- IOS & Android

how to make a public profile on Snapchat

Only your friends may view the majority of the stuff on Snapchat. But if you convert to a public profile, all Snapchat users will be able to quickly identify and access your stuff. This guide will cover how to create a public Snapchat profile and why doing so is good for building your personal brand.

What Is a Public Profile on Snapchat?

You can connect with a larger audience on Snapchat by creating A public profile on Snapchat. You include information that you wish the general public to view on this profile. Your picture, bio, and description—which may be different from those on your standard Snapchat profile—are all included in this.

Public Profile on Snapchat

How To Get A Public Profile On Snapchat & What You Need To Know

On Snapchat, anyone can create a Public Profile, but there are a few small limitations that might prevent someone from doing so. Snapchat users that choose a Public Profile gain access to additional exposure and opportunities to connect with more users. Users with Public Profiles can add more information to their profile, such as a bio and a description, in addition to the possibility for other users to subscribe to their Snapchat account.

Although public profiles on Snapchat are not brand-new, their accessibility has evolved over time. When Snapchat made it possible for anybody to build their own Public Profile through the app in late 2020, it ended the feature’s exclusivity to celebrities and content providers. A dedicated Creator Account is still an option on Snapchat, but the requirements are far more stringent than for a straightforward Public Profile.

What Are Eligibility Criteria for a Public Profile on Snapchat? 

  • Users Must Be At Least 18 Years Old.
  • Must Be More Than 24 Hours Old.
  • Need At Least One Friend Who Can Communicate Both Ways (They Must Add You As A Friend Too)
  • Must Follow Snapchat’s Community Rules

Why Use Snapchat Public Profiles?

Exposure is one of the key advantages of making your profile public.

Any other Snapchat users, whether they are your friends or not, will be able to find all of your stories and material if you have a public profile.

Going public is a fantastic option if you want to increase your following or the number of people who visit your material. You can use several Snapchat features if you have a public Snapchat account.

For instance, rather than adding you as a friend, other users can now subscribe to your profile.

Additionally, you have the option of making your profile’s subscriber count visible. You still have the choice to post directly to your friend list even though tales will be shared with your subscribers.

Therefore, if you so choose, you can still share more private stuff with a particular individual or users.

On your profile, users may also examine information and older content. A profile image, bio, location, lenses, and even stored tales are among the things you can add.

Consequently, your subscribers can still engage with your content even if you aren’t posting a public narrative.

how to make a public profile on snapchat

How to Create a Public Profile on Snapchat (IOS & Android) 

Snapchat users using iOS and Android devices can both create public profiles.

You may make your profile public so that more people can find you in just a few simple steps.

Step 1:

On Snapchat, select Settings. To access the profile settings menu, open Snapchat and click on your profile or Bitmoji symbol in the top left corner.

Step 2:

The Public Profile option Scroll down until you find “Add to Spotlight” after you are in your profile settings. Select “Create Public Profile” from the pop-up menu after clicking the ellipsis.

Step 3:

Establish a Public Profile You will now be guided through the profile creation process by Snapchat. Click the “Create” button on the screen when you’re done. I’m done now! Users can now subscribe to your profile to view your public tales because it is now public.

How to Create and Manage Public Profiles on Snapchat for Businesses

Organizations and businesses can also make a public profile. By publishing helpful information, they may more readily engage with their customers and raise brand awareness. Both personal and professional public profiles have a number of characteristics. For instance, public company accounts will continue to feature a landing page where visitors may view published Snapchat Lenses and stored stories. Business owners can, however, also connect their Spotify shops to their own narratives.

After that, any subscribers can use the app to browse products and even make purchases. We’ll demonstrate for you how to set up a public profile account for your company. Remember that you need a business account that was made through Snapchat Ads in order to create a public business profile.

Step 1:

Access the Ads Manager. Log into the Snapchat Ads Manager website using your username and password.

Step 2:

Choosing “Public Profiles” Then, choose “Public Profiles” from the list by clicking the menu button in the corner. Recall that only Organization Admins have the ability to establish public profiles.

Step 3:

Integrate with a business account You will be prompted by Snapchat to either sign up for a new account or link your existing business account. Pick “Connect to Business” if you already have a business account.

Step 4:

Create a username and submit profile details For your Snapchat public profile, you can choose a username. Under “Profile Details,” you can also add a profile icon, bio, company address, and email.

Step 5:

Establish a Public Profile Click “Create Public Profile” after entering your information. Your Snapchat account is now open to everyone!

Step 6:

Save a Story, Add It In order for your customers to read your material as soon as your profile is set to public, it’s also crucial to add stored tales or AR lenses. This is directly possible using the Snapchat app.

how to make a public profile on snapchat

How to Edit a Snapchat Public Profile (IOS & Android)

The first step is merely to create a public profile on Snapchat. You should add details and material to your profile in order to make the most of the public profile feature.

This enables subscribers to access your material and information whenever they like.

Step 1:

Then select “My Public Profile.” You will have the chance to change and add information to your account once you have created your public Snapchat profile. The “My Public Profile” link can be found in the profile settings menu.

Step 2:

Edit Profile Details Click “Edit Profile” now. You can include a photo, a succinct bio, and any other details you want to make public here.

Step 3:

Stories to Add By selecting the “Stories” tab, you can save previous stories to your current profile. Your profile will always contain your saved stories. You can also add images or videos directly from your device’s camera roll.


You can share your stuff with the world by learning how to make your Snapchat public. You’ll gain access to a special collection of features in addition to the opportunity to reach a wider audience and share your skills. This Article is about How to Make a Public Profile on Snapchat

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