How to prepare for retirement?

How to prepare for retirement

For everyone, retirement is a crisis period of development. The newly-minted pensioner is faced with the need to solve several important problems. Beagle is a platform that has helped thousands of different elderly ones to get their pension plan or select the right one for their needs. If you want a practical consolation for different pension plans, please check their website. 

Firstly, it is the problem of structuring a large amount of free time that he has.

Secondly, it is the search and testing of new social roles. For those people who previously identified themselves with their social roles (for example, I am the chief engineer), there may be a loss of self or role bias.

Thirdly, it is necessary to find the sphere of application of one’s own activity.

To successfully solve all three problems, a person must accept his own old age and look for active ways of adapting to a new situation.

Usually a person tries to prepare for retirement. This process can be conditionally divided into three stages.

– Dropping speed . At this stage, a person of pre-retirement age seeks to free himself from a number of responsibilities, to narrow the area of ​​responsibility in order to avoid a sudden sharp decline in activity after retirement.

– Long – term planning . A person tries to imagine his life in retirement, to outline some plan of actions or activities to which he will devote his free time.

– Life in anticipation of retirement . People are overwhelmed by worries about completing work and applying for a pension. They practically already live by those goals and needs that will prompt them to take action during the rest of their life.

Every retired person experiences this event differently. Some perceive it as an irreversible loss of the meaning-forming motive of life, as the end of their usefulness. Such a person strives with all his might to stay in the workplace even after the onset of retirement age. Lack of work leads such a person to the realization that his role in society is weakened. In this case, he is looking for those activities that would give him a sense of his own usefulness and involvement in the life of society.

For other people who perceive their work as a heavy duty or a forced necessity, retirement means liberation from the boring, tedious routine, the need to obey superiors. Now they have a lot of free time that they can devote to their hobbies, caring for loved ones, etc.

How to prepare in advance for the appointment of a pension

The appointment of a pension within the time frame established by law is one of the main tasks in the work of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Therefore, work with retirees begins well in advance. The purpose of the preliminary work is to shorten the period for consideration of documents when assigning a pension. It is extremely important to take care in advance that all the necessary documents are available on the date when the right to a pension arises, and that their content and design comply with the statutory requirements.

The pension is assigned from the day you apply for it with an application and all the necessary documents (but not earlier than from the day the right to a pension arises). Often, citizens pay attention to the state of their documents required for the appointment of a pension, immediately at the time of applying to the Pension Fund for the appointment of a pension. The bodies of the Pension Fund provide an opportunity for the advance collection and verification of documents confirming the pension rights of citizens.

In order to improve the quality of work on the appointment of pensions, to reduce the terms of its appointment, the UPFR in the city of Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Region (interdistrict) conducts advance work with citizens 12 months before the onset of the right to a pension.

For a preliminary assessment of pension rights and early work, citizens retiring in the near future, including early retirement, should contact the following address. 

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