How To Rank a Website WITHOUT Writing Content?

Rank a Website WITHOUT Writing Content

Here is a simple measure to take. In 2021, 82% of marketers report actively utilizing content in marketing. According to HubSpot, this is an increase from last year’s 70%.

Now I don’t have the current version numbers or statistics for when it crops up and people use content marketing, but that’s still a crazy statistic. Content marketing is incredibly effective, but it will become increasingly competitive as more marketers prioritize it in their marketing mix.

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The ideal time for opportunity is now, so you should begin leveraging content immediately. And I recall when I first began content marketing, many years ago, more than a decade ago, it wasn’t as competitive and there wasn’t as much search volume in Google, but it worked like a charm.

You can rank on the first page of Google with any piece of lackluster content. Build a few connections, and you can rank among the top three. Nowadays, having the finest piece of content and a large number of links does not guarantee rankings.

Yes, producing content reigns supreme when SEO is your primary traffic-generation strategy. A website can still rank without content. If you have some content, that’s sufficient, but you need to organize it. Keep in mind that if your page contains no text, Google will not know what your page is about.

You still need content in your title, headings, calls to action, and perhaps a paragraph or two. These are all examples of content. The point I’m trying to make, however, is that you don’t necessarily need to compose hundreds of blog posts to receive a large amount of SEO traffic.

It doesn’t hurt, and it actually benefits, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get traffic if you don’t write a lot of content. And if you dislike writing content, are not good at it, or simply lack the time to do it yourself, there are always ways to increase your content without necessarily writing it.

And if you’re just starting out and want to learn how to use content marketing to skyrocket your website’s traffic, I have a separate video that guides you through the process. You can simply visit my YouTube channel, where I have a multitude of recordings available. Let’s begin by discussing how you can begin gaining traction without actually composing content.

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