How to Read feature & Advantages Modular Conveyor Brand For Saifi Automation

Modular Conveyor

Modular Conveyor Belts offer many advantages over conventional conveyor belt systems. its belt is moulded once with plastic material of hygienic standard, which guarantees the good stability, chemical resistance, and friendliness to environment, which are increasingly used for food processing industries.

We offer a wide range of Plastic Modular Belts with many different module designs. These Modules within item arrangement can without much of a stretch be consolidated.

Thus, Our Plastic Modular Conveyor belts can be easily customized to suit individual conveying and processing assignments. Our team will assist you with identify the ideal answer for your specific needs and give Product as indicated by that.

Looking for an effective belt conveyor solution that can be implemented quickly and offer a quick return on investment? Robot units offers service-friendly, modular belt conveyors that can be custom-made to your association’s careful requirements. Multiple widths, lengths, speeds, and sizes are available, and belts can be straight, curved, or on a gradient to create the perfect fit for your process. 

Your custom belt conveyor solution will arrive fully assembled and pre-tested for performance. The low-maintenance and easy-to-service modular design can stand up to harsh conditions, and it’s compatible with the full Robot units extruded aluminium framing system. 

Key advantages:

  • Free choice of dimensions, belt properties, belt speed, and drive variants
  • Wide range of structures available with a choice of coatings
  • Self-adjusting safety guards
  • High-durability, accumulation, and low- and high-friction belts available
  • No retention of the belt necessary and no angular shift
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Modular belts are simple to replace if sections become damaged
  • Belt conveyors arrive at your facility fully assembled and tested
  • One-week turnaround time and Just-in-Time deliveries

Some Benefits of modular belting:

  • Plastic Modular belts are durable, robust and can handle conveying and processing tasks which may not be possible with traditional conveyor belting materials and types.
  • When assembled and installed, modular conveyor belts are endless, but in case of any damage, individual modules can quickly be replaced, thereby minimizing production loss and maintenance costs.
  • Plastic Modular belts can be supplied in any length and width, and if needed, useful modules can be added any time so belt properties and functioning can be changed at any time without much extra cost.

Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts is used successfully in a broad range of applications in industries such as: 

    • fruit and vegetable processing
    •  baked food items
    • meat, seafood and poultry processing
    • automotive and tire manufacturing
    •  logistics Industries 


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