Hurricane Local Statement What it Is and What it Means ?

hamhurricane local statement

The National Weather Service will issue a hurricane local statement (S.A.M.E. code: HLS) to offer an update on local hurricane conditions. It provides an overview of all watches and warnings for a certain area as well as information on the current weather. It also offers advice on how to take precautions for your own safety. It is always released following a hurricane watch or warning.

A hurricane local statement is an urgent message that offers vital storm information. Your local National Weather Service forecast office issues this product, including information about the storm’s location, intensity, and expected impacts.

hamhurricane local statement

What does a local hurricane statement consist of and what does it say?

A National Weather Service announcement for a county or parishes under a hurricane watch or warning is known as a “hurricane local statement.” The letter contains details about the hurricane, including its strength, projected path, and anticipated effects.

Below is a sample of a typical hurricane local statement, along with an explanation of what each component of the statement entails. We used a real statement from the National Weather Service office in New Orleans, Louisiana, concerning Hurricane Laura in 2020.

This top portion includes information about the hurricane local statement issued by the NWS office, the date it was released, the area it is valid for, and often a headline summarizing the important details.

A hurricane local statement is one of the longest text-based warnings that the National Weather Service issues. But there’s a solid reason for it: tropical systems that make landfall put lives and property at risk. It is a good idea to study each one in its entirety when you have the chance throughout your preparations because they contain all the safety-related information you could possibly need.

Who issues it?

A Hurricane Local Statement is issued by the National Weather Service.

Why is it issued?

A Hurricane Local Statement is issued during a hurricane for a specific area to provide information about a storm. It is typically issued every few hours unless there is a major change that would warrant another one.

Where is it located?

The FEMA app, if it is enabled, and both display this alert. Because it is not a warning that poses a serious threat to life and because the frequency would be annoying, it is not aired on television or the radio. For the same reason, it is not broadcast to mobile devices or NOAA weather radios.

Do not disregard these cautions. It is crucial to thoroughly read the hurricane local statement. This blog post defines a hurricane local statement and provides storm preparation tips.

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