Why Is Nba Accreditation Important When Looking For The Right Engineering College?

NBA accredited colleges

The National Board of accreditation is an autonomous body, concerned with the evaluation and accreditation of programmes and courses. Unlike NAAC, NBA is not concerned with the whole campus or an entire institute. NBA deals with individual courses, and the amenities needed for the delivery of the promises. For instance, a college offering a course in computer science and engineering must possess computer laboratories, adept faculty and infrastructure to support computer education. NBA makes sure of these facts and dives deep into the structure and offerings of a course. All the aspects of a course are evaluated in the light of promises and industry expectations. And scores are assigned and courses accredited. NBA evaluation helps a potential student understand the quality of a course by a simple grade or score. Without much investigation or investment. NBA evaluation makes the enrollment decision-making process easier for a student. 

Aspects NBA takes into account

An institute offering a course must possess the necessary abilities and infrastructure to deliver on the same. A course is usually designed while considering the industry demands and potential roles the graduated students are expected to play. NBA makes sure of all the aspects that are essential for the smooth and adept delivery of a course and promised knowledge.


An institute promising a course must possess all the necessary components that are needed for its adept delivery. NBA evaluates an institute’s infrastructure based on the requirements of a course. For instance, a chemical engineering course must possess enough infrastructure to support practical classes for an entire batch. And possess a steady supply of consumables that might be required for the classes. A high NBA score means an institute is adequately loaded with infrastructure and resources. NBA accredited colleges placed in a higher grade are expected to possess adequate infrastructure, necessary for the training and preparation of a new generation of engineers. 


A curriculum must be designed with the aspect of relevance in mind.  Courses offered by institutes in constant touch with contemporary industry are expected to be updated for the development of skills that matter. NBA assures that the time and money a student is investing in a course is not wasted. NBA compares the demands and expectations of contemporary industry and evaluates the promise of a course in that light. Students investing their time and money in a course are expected to develop skills that matter in the industry and skills that can secure the sustenance of employment. 


The faculty of an institute are the frontline workers. People are at the helm of all things related to knowledge delivery. The faculty is responsible for developing a curriculum that can help a student transform into a professional. In long-standing institutes faculties are expected to possess the experience to place entire batches of students in key positions in the industry. And stay in touch with the requirements of the industry through them. Placing the next batch or updating a syllabus is thus a cakewalk for an institute with good and adept faculty. NBA accredited colleges with good grades are expected to possess a good and strong faculty that can help the students and show support till they are placed.


The performance of an engineering college is evaluated by the performance of the faculty and alumni. The professional standing of the alumni of an institute tells a story of hardships and passionate care. A good institute with a high MBA accreditation score is expected to put a maximum honest effort into their students and help them become the best versions of themselves. 

In addition to the performance and stature of the alumni, the performance and backgrounds of faculty members are also taken into account. The recent publication of the faculties while working in an institute is taken into account. In addition to that, the past activities of faculty members are also considered with care. Everything from evaluation of classes and quality of research is evaluated before assigning a score. 

NBA gradation is versatile 

NBA gradations help students understand a course inside out without much effort. And being a government agency, the NBA evaluation outcome is completely reliable. And thanks to the presence of the NBA investments are more assured and courses that are honest are preferred the most. In a nutshell, NBA directs all the attention toward relevant courses. 

In addition to the great help to students and interested parties, NBA prepares a healthy environment for competition. Institutes looking forward to achieving higher NBA ratings tend to work on the necessary aspects and components of a course. For NBA accredited colleges, the effort is usually paid off in the most justified manner possible. 

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