Incredible things to do in London


Planning to spend a day or an entire weekend in London, then here are some exciting things that you can do during your vacations in London.

Most of you already know that London is the most visited city in the world, and there are some good reasons for it. First of all, it is home to many historical attractions that you can add to your destination checklist. But, not every tourist is interested in visiting the usual attractions that are filled with a crowd, some people are interested in doing things that give an adrenaline rush in their veins.

So, this is your chance to delve deeper into London’s characterful neighbourhoods and experience this city from a locale point of view. In this article, we have mentioned the most incredible things that you can do in London.

Board a cruise to Thames river

As you know, London is built around the river, so having amazing views from the river is one of the recommended things to do. You can easily find a cruise near the river based on your taste, whether it’s live jazz, fine dining, or a high-speed boat. Just board the cruise and enjoy different sites of the city in an incredible way. And if you’re visiting in summer, then prefer boarding a film cruise so that you can combine your sightseeing with an amazing movie.

Try out international flavours at Brixton market

Visiting markets is often very common for tourists, but the Brixton market in London is something that will make you feel at a different place. From street food, art, coffee, exotic fragrances, to Caribbean wears, you can get everything at this market. And if you are not happy with the tasty street food because you’re a vegan, then head out to nearby Ms. Cupcake to gran a signature vegan cupcake, vegan milkshake, or a brookie. Visiting this market will be one of the best experiences that you will ever have in your life.

Visit the imperial war museum to know the history

The United Kingdom has been a part of history since the beginning, and London was the highlighted city during every war. From World War I to World War II, London has seen a lot of blood and sacrifice of innocent people in the country. So, if you are interested in exploring the ancient war history, then visit the imperial war museum that highlights the first World War Gallery. Go and learn how the soldiers survived in a muddy trench during World War I.

Take a ride with the Mail train

No one will ever be interested in visiting a postal museum, but this is something out of the box. The Mail Train museum is surprisingly well-curated and provides a decent look at the history. But, the interesting part is if you get to board the train to have a death-defying ride through the undercity tunnels, then it’s going to be a hell of a trip for you. Just imagine riding through the tunnels with dim lights and train honks, how satisfying it would be for you.

These are a few things that you could do during your visit to London, apart from visiting the usual destinations. Also, if you are finding it challenging to reach any part of London via bus or train from Heathrow or any other city airport, then prefer booking London city airport taxi transfers from Jewels Airport Transfers to reach your destination as soon as possible at an affordable price. You can even make an advanced booking before reaching the airport so that you find the driver at your location without waiting.

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