Juice WLRD Story: Why Is Juice WRLD So Popular?

Juice WRLD

When I started listening to juice world’s music and reading about the artist he was I found myself interested in his music and his legacy.

I started looking for a way to tell his story, the story of a young man who despite spending much of his life in an uphill battle against addiction and mental illness was intelligent creative, and hard-working

A young man who spoke for his generation and good times and bad this is the story of the juice world.

Jared Higgins was born in Chicago in December of 1998 which is a number that makes me feel two things first.

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I’m impressed that he was able to achieve so much in such a short time with his music career really only taking off in early 2018 and secondly it makes me feel insecure because with me being born in October of 99 juice world was only ten months older than me it really puts into perspective just how much he did with life but to understand how he got there.

We first have to look back in time to the juice world childhood and his introduction to music juice world was raised by his mom and like most loving moms she did a lot to help him grow as a person.

Jerrod was on top of the world with massive amounts of streams on everything he touched his ability to write and sing soulful ballads while sticking to the

SoundCloud rap aesthetic was wildly appealing to teenagers all over the world and there was almost nothing he couldn’t do he made use of the familiar sound of emo-rap emo rock punk and hip-hop to create music that all teenagers could relate to and gravitate towards juice world often said that he only wrote from his personal experiences and that expressing his pain and vulnerability through music was something that helped him find a sense of inner strength.

On December 8th, 2019 juice world was flying into Chicago’s Midway Airport from Los Angeles while boarding the small private jet, the pilot of the plane had noticed that juice and his crew were carrying guns and a large amount of drugs.

He notified law enforcement during the flight and when they got to the airport a team of cops was waiting to board the plane and searched for evidence during the ensuing chaos Jerrod swallowed multiple pills and attempted to hide evidence that could possibly send him to jail, his massive dose caused him to start convulsing and seizing Narcan was administered but it was ineffective and Gerard was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after his autopsy revealed that he died from toxic levels of oxycodone codeine and Percocet.

The news truly shook anyone to their core it’s not that juice wasn’t impactful or influential enough in fact it’s quite the opposite with billions of streams he was arguably the most famous musician to die young in the last few years and he was only going to keep getting bigger he had totally mastered the sound thought formula bringing it to a wider audience with more friendly simplistic pop sensibilities than say Lil peep or ex Jerrod took a genuine underground phenomenon and made it truly marketable.

As a mainstream sound I would even go so far as to say that Juice world sounded more comfortable in his collaborations with pop singers like Ellie Goulding and Halsey then in his collaborations with rappers like future he was a pop star at heart and more importantly he was a kid too a fan of anime and punk bands and Percy Jackson books the real story.

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