Lake Mead Has Hundreds of Bodies Waiting to Be Found

Lake Mead Has Hundreds of Bodies Waiting to Be Found

Officials think there are hundreds more bodies in Lake Mead that are just waiting to be discovered as its water levels continue to plummet.

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As a result of the continuing megadrought in the western United States, Lake Mead’s water levels are decreasing. The largest man-built reservoir in the United States has recently gained national headlines owing to both its falling waters and the horrifying discoveries that are being made as the water recedes.

Five human remains have been found in the lake since May. Police suspect one set of human remains found in a barrel belong to the victim of a mob-related shooting. The causes of the other deaths remain unknown as of this point.

There will be a lot more bodies, according to Steve Schafer, a local resident and the proprietor of the environmental services business Earth Resource Group, which is working to find the bodies.

“At the bottom of Lake Mead, there are numerous bodies that have yet to be discovered. I’m sure there are some unscrupulous ones out there, as the news is reporting and the [body in the] barrel, but the majority are just innocent drowning victims. There will undoubtedly be more, “the Las Vegas Review Journal, according to Schafter.

Lake Mead was regarded as one of the worst national parks in America even before the water levels started to decline. Approximately 300 individuals have perished in the reservoir since the lake was built in the 1930s. This number is in addition to any more bodies that may be in the lake from other causes of death.

In order to “give back to the families” who lost them, Schafer claimed that they work to discover the bodies. Schafer and other volunteers have removed 10–12 bodies from the lake since 2013.

The most recent discovery of human remains, according to the National Park Service, occurred on August 15 at the lake’s Swim Beach. This was the third skeleton to be discovered in the lake’s vicinity.

Unknown is the condition in which the bodies were discovered.

Melissa Connor, a professor of forensic anthropology at Colorado Mesa University, previously told Newsweek that the bodies in the Lake may have changed into a substance with a “adipocere-like consistency.”

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