Maximize the Space in Your Apartment


When you live in a smaller space like an apartment in Watten House or a studio even, you need to know how to make the most of the space you have. Here are some ideas and tricks to help with your comfort and decor options.

Have different lighting in different areas

You can create more separation by having different lighting for different areas or uses. This will help keep things distinct. You can have floor lamps, plug-in lamps, wall scones as well as overhead lighting.

Define different spaces with rugs

You can also define a space with the use of rugs. Different colors and size can help them stand out and contrast against each other.

Consider a bed riser or loft bed

When you have a small space one way to maximize it is to use a bed with more than one purpose, like a sofa bed, or to have a loft bed or Murphy bed, where the bed lifts up against the wall during the day when you do not need it. That way it can be a living room that people can come over and visit as well without having the bed in the way. If you choose to use a bed riser this gives you space underneath to use.

Go up higher

Whether at Watten House or elsewhere you should make the most of the space by going up. Shelves can be higher, storage opportunities can be higher. Just put things up there that you do not often need to access.

Furniture tips

As mentioned transitional furniture can make a big impact on being able to use a space to its fullest. Murphy beds are an example, they come out when you need them and then go up when you do not. With glass furniture, you can use it to make the room look larger than it really is.

Separate areas with curtains or dividers

You can use glass dividing walls if want separation but you want the light to come through, or you can curtains or screens that fold or room dividers if you want to. These tend to be useful when you need to have some privacy.

Put up larger wall art

When you move into your Watten House apartment you might want to consider putting up larger pieces of wall art rather than having a lot of small pieces up. Larger pieces take up less space, make it feel less cluttered and can make it feel more luxurious.

Use items with more than one purpose

Having things that have more than one purpose is not just an option in your furniture. There are a lot of ways it can benefit in a smaller living space. It is better to have something that slow cooks, cooks rice, fries, and so on than having one appliance to do each function. You do not have the space to store all those small appliances! Mirrors when you hang them are more than a practical thing you need to do your hair in, they also help to make the room look larger.

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