Meet Adele’s Little One – Angelo Adkins

angelo adkins

One of the most well-known artists in the music business is Adele. After launching her new era with the eagerly anticipated album 30, she had quite a return. The singer gives her son credit for her abilities. She has discussed her son frequently in a number of interviews.

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Who is Adele’s son? 

Angelo Adkins is Adele’s son. His last name is that of his mother. Adele and Simon Konecki, her ex-husband, are parents to one kid. By 2021, the pair had broken up.

Angelo was born on October 19, 2012, in the year 2012. He is currently nine years old. Adele said she wanted her baby to be as grounded as possible when he was three years old.

Adele is currently bringing up her child in England. She takes an active role in her son’s education because she cares so much about Angelo’s education.

Adele was reportedly seen wearing a necklace with the name Angelo on it, which led to speculation that his name was indeed Angelo. Adele announced she was pregnant on June 29, 2012, and it was later determined that she was about seven months along at the time.She allegedly gave birth to Angelo in the UK on October 19, 2012. 

At the 2013 Golden Globe Awards, Adele made her first public appearance since finding out she was pregnant. There, she announced that she had given birth to a son and said she would keep his name a secret because it was “personal” to her. She also thanked him in her acceptance speech for Best Original Song that evening.

A few days later, she admitted to calling him “Little Peanut,” or just “Peanut,” for short.

Adele confirmed the child’s name to be Angelo in a letter to Elton John that was shared online in December 2014, putting an end to much speculative media coverage.

Adele received a five-figure settlement in damages in July 2014 after paparazzi revealed images of Angelo the summer before. According to Jenny Afia, Adele’s attorney, Adele asked that Angelo never turn into “public property.” It is a matter of tremendous grief that many of his milestone events, such as his first family outing and his first trip to a playgroup, were documented and published globally specifically against his family’s wishes, she stated. In addition to agreeing not to republish the images, Corbis Images UK agreed to hold the damages from the settlement in trust for Angelo. 

Some of the songs on Adele’s third studio album, 25, were inspired by Angelo. He served as the inspiration for “Remedy,” one of the album’s opening songs. The album’s closing track, “Sweetest Devotion,” was likewise inspired by him and includes a recording of his voice for the opening and outro. 

After seven years of marriage, Adele and Simon announced their separation in April 2019 but stated they will still “raise their kid together lovingly.”


Following media reports that Adele had given birth, many started to wonder if Adele would release a formal declaration about the child’s name. Three months after the child’s birth, at the end of January 2013, Adele was finally questioned about the name of the child. A few days later, she wore a necklace with the name Angelo, sparking rumours that the child’s name was really that one, despite her claims that she wasn’t disclosing it at the time and that it was “personal” for her. Although it has now been revealed that he took his mother’s last name, Adkins, it was later rumoured that the child’s full name is Angelo James Konecki. Adele’s close friend Alan Carr indirectly confirmed the name in an interview:

“I would prefer not to have known [Adele’s] pregnancy or the name of her son before it was announced. There’s always a chance that I’ll drink a few too many wines, log on to Twitter, and set the world to rights, so I have to beg her not to share any personal information with me.”

Adele officially revealed the name of her child, Angelo, in a letter she wrote to Elton John in December 2014, apologising for missing his wedding.

According to rumours, Adele had thought of naming the child “John” after her paternal grandpa, with whom she had a very strong relationship.

Why did Adele and Simon Part Ways? 

  • Simon and Adele began dating in the middle of 2011. Next year, the couple welcomed their son into the world. They made the decision to advance their love by getting married in 2018. However, communication between the two was strained. 11 months after getting married, they parted ways, and in September 2019 they filed for divorce.
  • Even after the divorce was finalised, Adele wrote the song “Easy on Me.” Adele is seen in the video giving a final glance around a deserted home before packing her bag, donning her sunglasses, and leaving.
  • Following their divorce, Adele’s representative assured the media that the couple is still committed to raising their child in a loving environment. Adele and Simon can easily co-parent their son because they live close to one another in Beverly Hills. The singer has repeatedly affirmed that they have a healthy relationship.
  • Angelo shares his mother’s love of football. Adele is a fervent fan of football as well. She is a huge supporter of the neighbourhood football team, Tottenham hotspot.
  • Angelo leads a lavish existence thanks to his mother’s lucrative work and wealth. Adele’s net worth was estimated to be $300 million as of 2020.
  • Angelo is at his elementary studies level, yet it is uncertain how well he is doing academically.
  • Strangely, Rich Paul, his mother’s new love interest, and Angelo get along well.
  • Adele takes care to keep her baby away from the social media realm. As a result, you won’t find him on social networking sites.
  • When Angelo is out with his mother, the media frequently spots him.
  • The son gets along well with his father as well.
  • To learn more about the private lives of your favourite celebrities, stay in touch.
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