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In an ever-changing world, the ultra-wealthy are taking preparedness to opulent extremes. Gone are the days when doomsday bunkers were mere concrete holes filled with canned goods. Today, they’ve evolved into underground palaces, boasting amenities that rival five-star hotels. These luxury fortresses are designed to offer the elite not just safety, but a lavish post-apocalyptic lifestyle.

From private cinemas and indoor pools to wine cellars and art galleries, these bunkers ensure that if the world were to face its darkest days, their inhabitants would weather the storm in the lap of luxury. As we delve into the most extravagant doomsday bunkers around the globe, we’ll uncover a world where safety meets splendor, and survival is synonymous with indulgence. Welcome to the age of luxury apocalypse living.

One of the most intriguing and secretive structures that have been hitting the limelight recently due to Covid-19, since its emergence during the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union, is the Doomsday bunkers. Some people believe that there will come an apocalypse when all of us would shove ourselves into the ground like rabbits to save our lives and so prepare for that day. 

Doomsday bunkers are typically constructed underground of very thick reinforced concrete walls or carved into a mountain with thick steel doors. Rather than just providing spaces for survival, These units are becoming the epitome of luxury.

Here is a list of 10 Luxury Doomsday bunkers around the world:

1. The Oppidum | Doomsday bunkers

The Oppidum, located in the Czech Republic in Europe, surrounded by mountains, is the luxurious doomsday bunker that sprawls over 323,000 sq ft of area and has all leisure and work facilities. 

It offers one 6,750 sq ft apartment and six 1,720 sq ft apartments, a ground-level golf course, helipad, an underground 5-star class bunker with restrooms having a whirlpool bath, double sinks, and rainfall showers, a spa, swimming pool, garden with simulated natural light, cinema, library, billiards room, conference and communication rooms, gym, a splendid bar, an extravagant wine cellar, and a hospital with dental surgery facility apart from the mandatory facilities like water, air, electricity, and food. 

This bunker is said to support its users independently for ten years and protect them from nuclear attacks.

2. Vivos Europa one | Luxury Underground Bunker House

The Vivos group is one of the fast-growing doomsday bunker companies which claims that their shelters can give protection against nuclear war, bio war, terrorism, anarchy, electro-magnetic pulse, solar flares, pole shift, killer comet, global tsunami, planet collisions, and volcanic eruptions. Carved into a 400ft high mountain in Rothenstein, Germany, the Vivos Europa One is spread over 76 acres above and below ground. 

The military fort turned private apartment suites have 34 living quarters, each of 2,500 sq ft. These customizable parabolic units include a kitchen, bedrooms, deluxe bathrooms, living, dining, swimming pool, theatre, gym, and a bar as per the requirement. The impregnatable steel doors and the thick concrete shells offer great protection. The train depot, helicopters, and cars owned by the Vivos group help in easy access at times of emergency. These units reflect the ambiance of a mansion built underground.

3. Survival condo | Doomsday Bunker

The Survival Condo in Kansas was built from the remains of a missile silo belonging to the US government during the Cold war period. The bolt-shaped underground structure has fifteen floors accommodating various amenities at different levels and can protect against a nuclear bomb 100 times more powerful than the Nagasaki bomb. 

The 201 ft deep doomsday bunker has several luxuries such as the indoor dog walk, a shooting range, a rock climbing wall, an indoor pool, a water park, a library, a theatre, bar, fitness center, first aid facility, and a command center to keep the users active. 

Power backups and water storage required to sustain for five years are maintained continuously. Organic hydroponic plants are grown under artificial light to keep the users healthy physically and psychologically. LED lights are used throughout the units to match the effect of daylight.

4. Trident Lake

The Trident Lake is one of the luxurious doomsday bunkers spread over 700 acres. This resort-style bunker has 600 condominiums, a golf course, an athletic center, polo fields, seven outdoor and indoor sports courts, 45 acres of water sports, gun ranges, and 12 helipads. 

As a step forward, the developer has provided a DNA vault for the worst-case scenario. The gigantic 55,000 sq ft fountain acts as a symbol of luxury and wealth. Ninety percent of the bunker is underground and faces a waterbody to provide a safe and calm environment. The interior space varies from 900 to 7200 sq ft as per the user’s desire.

5. Las Vegas underground shelter | Doomsday bunkers

Unlike the usual doomsday bunkers, the entry points of this bunker are designed like rocks that camouflage with the surrounding. The massive 14,620 sq ft bunker is 26 ft below the ground and is shielded by the house above the ground. Since it was built during the cold war period, the interior designs and the kitchen equipment reflected that period. The yard had concrete columns that were turned into artificial trees to enhance the quality of the space. 

The bunker also includes a spa, a pool, a guest house, a fountain, a nightclub and bar, a BBQ, five bedrooms, and six luxurious bathrooms. The lighting in the yard stimulates day and night.

6. The Aristocrat

Designed by the Rising S company, the Aristocrat is their top-notch doomsday bunker. This bunker can accommodate up to fifty people and offers a hot sauna, swimming pool, a gym, a game room, a bowling alley, and a theatre as per requirements. In addition, to justify the word “luxury”,  multi-vehicle garage space, a gun range, and spacious dining and living rooms have been provided.

7. The Safe House | Luxury Underground Bunker House

The unique feature of the Safe House is that it is above-ground and has glass windows allowing natural light into the house. Though it looks like a solid concrete mass from the outside, when the windows open out, the interior space feels lighter. The windows are nothing but massive concrete blocks that can be closed during an emergency. The glass walls have metal walls in front that can be rolled down when needed. 

The 6,100 sq ft house has a swimming pool and an outdoor theatre that uses the metal shutter as its screen. The double high ceiling of the patio allows enough sunlight and keeps the space airy and light. The retracting bridge connects the terrace and the swimming pool breaking the block figure when viewed from the outside.

Vivos Indiana can accommodate up to 80 people for about a year. The common living and dining areas create a sense of community, which keeps us psychologically balanced when isolated from the rest of the world. Sufficient space is given for the garden to grow vegetables, laundry, leisure, exercise, and storage, offering four-star luxury. 

9. Vivos xPoint | Doomsday Bunker

Covering almost 3/4 the size of Manhattan, Vivos xPoint is the largest doomsday bunker community consisting of 575 bunkers. Located in South Dakota, these concrete and steel bunkers are strategically arranged to provide security and privacy. 

Each unit can accommodate 10-24 people in a floor space of 2,200 sq ft and is 400 ft away from the neighboring bunker in all directions. The bunkers are 12.5 ft high and 26 ft wide and have a kitchen, dining, living, multiple bedrooms, and a gym as per requirement. These customizable bunkers offer great luxury and comfort.

10. Greenbrier bunker | Doomsday bunkers

This doomsday bunker was built to protect the Congress of the US government when the Cold war was at its peak. The bunker was a secret, hidden under the West Virginia Wing of the famous Greenbrier Hotel for many years until it was finally revealed in the Washington article, after which it was decommissioned. 

The bunker has two meeting spaces side by side, with a capacity of 435 and 100 seats respectively, to accommodate both houses of the Congress. It was designed to last 60 days. The walls were painted to set the seasons of Washington, making them feel like in the open. Since the bunker was intended to protect from nuclear attacks, the mouth of each entrance had decontamination showers. The latest medical technologies were maintained when the bunker was active to protect its users. 

11. Global seed vault | Doomsday bunkers

While we humans are trying to protect ourselves from the upcoming apocalypse, we have been creating a similar situation for many other species without which we do not stand a chance on this earth. To save agriculture, Norway, with the help of many other countries, has built the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard to prevent the extinction of plant species in the event of an apocalypse. 

This luxurious seeds doomsday bunker can house up to four and a half million seed varieties in three cold storage units. Since the vaults are 100m into the mountain, the natural temperature minimizes the need for electricity-powered storage and creates a safe environment. 

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