Narendra Modi Speech on Lockdown Nationwide Lockdown Extended Till May 3, Super Strictness for Next One Week, Says PM

7 steps

Narendra Modi Today’s Speech on Coronavirus Lockdown Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that the nationwide lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus will be extended till May 3 as India can’t allow the virus to spread any further.

Narender Modi Requested To Nationwide

Give Me Your Help With Seven Steps’ | PM Modi underlines 7 steps to be followed.

1) Take proper care of the senior citizens of your house, especially those with underlying problems.

2) Lockdown and social distancing should be properly followed. Home-made face covers and masks should be used.

3) Increase your immunity by following directions given by Ayush Ministry.

4) To help curb coronavirus spread, download Aarogya Setu application.

5) Wherever possible, help poor families.

6) In your businesses, help your coworkers, don’t downsize people.

7) Coronavirus ‘soldiers’ — doctors, nurses, sanitation workers — respect them.



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