National Girlfriend Day- History and How to Celebrate

national girlfriend day

It’s time for some straight talk, ladies. Today is National Girlfriend Day, an occasion that occurs annually on August 1. This day is about women supporting women, as opposed to National Boyfriend Day, which is about boyfriends appreciating their girlfriends (which, let’s face it, should happen every day).

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Relationship partners come and go. Jobs can be gained or lost. Nevertheless, your girlfriends will always be there in a pinch. It’s time to celebrate your “ride or die” homegirls! Why do we therefore love our girlfriends so much? Because they are like sisters but without the baggage of maturity. In addition, when circumstances are difficult, your girlfriends will allow you to vent and then provide the necessary support to help you through.

Spa days, weekend retreats, and PJ parties with wine and nachos are more enjoyable with your girls. On National Girlfriend Day , spend some delightful time discussing past, current, and future relationships. Discuss your ambitions and dreams in a truly secure environment, the sisterhood circle.

national girlfriend day

History Of National Girlfriend Day

It is unknown for definite who founded National Girlfriend Day on August 1, but Mistress Susan, who operates a luxury website, has the greatest claim. She claims that she created and celebrated the date in 2004 as a way for female friends to express their appreciation for one another.

Obviously, the history of female friendships and gal pals is much longer than a single day. Girls have been friends for so long that it is impossible to determine who the earliest female friends were, therefore we will instead discuss some of the most notable female friends in recent history.

In the 1860s, a group of female friends known as the Edinburgh Seven struggled to become the first women to attend medical school in the United Kingdom. Although they studied medicine at Edinburgh University, they were not permitted to graduate and become doctors. Their tenacity placed women’s rights on the national agenda and contributed to the passage of laws in 1876 allowing women to pursue medicine in college. The Edinburgh Seven had prepared the path for future female physicians.

Approximately at the same period, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton developed a revolutionary friendship. The two were the pioneers who advocated for the suffrage of white women and were the founders of the women’s rights movement in the United States. In 1851, they first met, and in 1869, they founded the National Woman Suffrage Association.

The Rockford Peaches, founding members of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in the 1940s, deserve special recognition. Their accomplishments were an enormous step forward for female athletics in the United States.

One of our favourite female friendship stories features Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe, with Fitzgerald crediting Monroe with her big break? In 1955, the singer attempted to arrange a performance at the Mocambo in Hollywood, but the manager refused her because she lacked “sex appeal.” Monroe called the management and stated that she would sit in the front row every night if Fitzgerald was hired, thereby attracting the publicity and crowds the manager desired. Later, Fitzgerald would say. After that, I was never required to perform in a tiny jazz club again.

Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert have recently demonstrated that even the greatest opponents can be best friends. During the 1970s and 1980s, they met in an astounding 61 tennis tournament finals, but they remained the best of friends off the court, travelling to tournaments together and socialising between matches.

national girlfriend day

Friends are constantly there for one another and have a history of overcoming obstacles to accomplish great things together. Ensure that you take the time on National Girlfriend Day to express your gratitude to your girlfriends.

National Girlfriend Day Around The World

Here Are Some Other Female-Orientated Holidays To Observe And Celebrate.

National Girlfriend Day Observances

Fun Holiday: National Girlfriend Day Observances
Year Weekday Date Name
2022 Mon 1 Aug National Girlfriend Day
2023 Tue 1 Aug National Girlfriend Day
2024 Thu 1 Aug National Girlfriend Day
2025 Fri 1 Aug National Girlfriend Day
2026 Sat 1 Aug National Girlfriend Day
2027 Sun 1 Aug National Girlfriend Day
2028 Tue 1 Aug National Girlfriend Day
2029 Wed 1 Aug National Girlfriend Day
2030 Thu 1 Aug National Girlfriend Day
2031 Fri 1 Aug National Girlfriend Day

National Girlfriend Day Traditions

As this day is all about spending time with your girls, the most important tradition is to spend quality time with your pals. People typically celebrate National Girlfriend Day by having fun with their girlfriends and engaging in activities that they have previously shared.

Whether it is watching a movie, spending the night at a party, going shopping, or dining at a great restaurant, the traditions of National Girlfriend Day are the traditions that formed the bond.

National Girlfriend Day By Numbers

6 – The number of best friends the average woman has in her lifetime.
16 years – The lifespan of the average female friendship
1 in 10 – Women admit to having more fun with their bff than with their partner.
47% – Women wish they could spend more time with their best friend.
1 in 4 – Women think their best friend knows them better than their partner.
67% – More time women spend improving romantic relationships compared to friendships.
23 years – the average friendship length for women over 55.
9 – The number of close friends the average American has
2% – The number of people who claim to have no close friends.
73% – The number of Americans satisfied with their friendships

National Girlfriend Day Faqs

What is National Boyfriend Day?

National Boyfriend Day occurs annually on October 3. It is a day to express how much your lover means to you. National Boyfriend Day reminds those who have a boyfriend to pay extra attention to their significant other and how they enrich their lives.

Is National Girlfriends Day a real holiday?

National Girlfriends Day is held annually on August 1. Even while a day off from work would be lovely, it is not a holiday in the traditional sense. National Girlfriends Day, however, is an opportunity for women and girls to spend time together having fun and expressing gratitude for their friendship.

This day was created as a promotional tool for the 2002 publication “Girlfriends Getaway” by Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield.

Is today National Kissing Day?

National Kissing Day, also known as World Kiss Day or International Kissing Day, occurs on July 6 each year. Some reports say that this day originated in England in the nineteenth century. Kissing is universally acknowledged as an expression of love and devotion. In France, greetings may include a peck on either cheek! Kissing is not only a delightful action, but it also reduces stress and burns calories.

When is National Girlfriend Day in 2021?

National Girlfriend Day 2021 is observed on August 1st.

Are International Girlfriend Day 2021 and National Girlfriend Day 2021 the same event?


What is National Girlfriend Day 2021?

National Girlfriend Day 2021 honours the unique bond between females, whether they are moms, sisters, allies, or coworkers. Such bonds are among the most exceptional that now exist. Friends spend valuable time with one another, exchanging secrets and laughing.

What to do on National Girlfriend Day 2021?

National Girlfriends Day 2021 is quickly approaching. We have compiled a list of one-of-a-kind ideas to commemorate National Girlfriend Day 2021 in the greatest way possible. Celebrate the day by shopping till you drop, having a dinner date with all your amazing girls, exchanging surprise gifts, going on a picnic, or planning a road trip.

When did National Girlfriends Day start?

One of the most popular tales is that the day began in 2004 with Mistress Susan. There are also a few alternative origin myths for this day, but they all have one thing in common: women friends spending time with each other!

Is National Girlfriends Day for couples?

Despite the fact that it was originally intended for female friends and not couples, Valentine’s Day can absolutely be celebrated in any way!

What is National Girlfriends Day all about?

The purpose of National Girlfriends Day is for women to celebrate their female friends by spending time with them and engaging in much-needed relaxation and enjoyment.

Is National Girlfriends Day a real holiday?

Well, anything may be a “genuine holiday” if properly observed! National Girlfriends Day is a perfect time to plan a weekend getaway or share a glass of bubbly, however it may be difficult to convince the boss to give you the day off.

What does National GF Day mean?

GF is merely an acronym for “girlfriend” that is commonly used in text messages.

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