New Year, New Skin: 5 Essential Oil to Help You Get Rid of Acne Naturally

Best Essential Oils for Acne

The New year is almost upon us and just as many are making resolutions, shopping, cleaning out the house and all, some are worried about stepping into yet another new year with the same “acne” issues. You’ve tried caking it up with various makeup solutions temporarily, but when all washed and in the mirror, it stares right back at you. You may have tried various scrubs, creams and harsh chemicals of both known and strange brands, but none of that worked either. You’ve even scrubbed at it hard which often worsens the issue. And now you’re wondering, just what haven’t I tried?

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Well, You Haven’t Tried These 5 Powerful Essential Oils As Recommended : 

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is known for its powerful and antiseptic scent. The chemicals in the oil have been proven to contain antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory agents which makes it a strong anti-acne substance. To use, Apply regularly on affected skin areas using a cotton wool swab. Note that oil is very concentrated and may be harsh on very sensitive skin. Hence a dilution with another oil such as coconut or olive oils may be necessary.


This is a common kitchen spice. Oregano is excellent for getting rid of pimples when used in its essential oil form. The natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Oregon oil makes it excellent for treating spots. Just be sure to dilute the oil before applying it directly to your skin. Mix equal parts of both the Oregon oil and other oils such as jojoba oil, olive or coconut oil. Apply the mixture onto the acne spot regularly until skin clears up.


If you have been wondering what to use to disinfect your skin, then do not go further from lavender oil. According to, it is a versatile essential oil obtained from the flowering tops of the plants by steam distillation. It is medically used to treat burns, sunburn, skin complaints, cold sores and even insect bites because of its antiseptic and soothing properties. It’s very effective in healing damaged skin. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to incorporate lavender oil into your daily beauty regimen if getting rid of acne is your goal. You would have to either choose a facial wash or moisturizer with lavender essential oil ingredients or prepare your own moisturizer by combining jojoba, almond or grapeseed oil with lavender essential oil. These blends are also effective in make-up removal.


This is a cold pressed essential oil produced from extracts of a bergamot orange fruit. It is commonly used as a top note in perfumes. Its revitalizing fragrance and antibacterial properties make it an excellent treatment option for spot breakouts. It blends well with other oils making it easy for you to create your own tailor made acne treatment blend. So mix bergamot oil with coconut, olive or jojoba oil. Then mix it in other acne fighting essential oils you’ve found work well to create a powerful personalized acne treatment.


If you’re wondering what an all time food flavor is doing in this list, then you’re breaking a sweat over nothing. Rosemary herbs are effective in revitalizing the skin. It’s well known for its ability to reduce excess oil on skin like mine. Its anti-inflammatory properties makes it an excellent treatment for redness and puffiness. To use, get a cleanser, scrub or moisturizer with Rosemary essential oil contents. Use regularly and increase your chances of clearing your skin to arrive at a clear skin with a lasting glow.

If you are like me who tries a beauty regimen for a few days and hopes to see the magic immediately and when it doesn’t show, give up. Then getting that clear skin with a soft glow is not really a priority. But if it is, please drink the cup of dedication and patience. Dedication; heed to the regular application and Patience; Wait till it works. New year is around the corner girls, so get to work.

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