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Several touchdowns stand noteworthy in the lengthy NFL history for a variety of reasons. There are always curious details surrounding NFL scores, regardless of whether it was the highest-scoring game of all time or the lowest-scoring one. Let’s examine the games with the greatest and lowest scores, the most frequent scores in NFL history, and the scores that have never occurred in NFL history. Get the fastest NFL scores on officially Channel. NFL football scores service provides latest results, standings for NFL, NCAA and minor football leagues.

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Highest-scoring game in NFL history

In reality, the highest-scoring game in NFL history occurred in 1966, the first season following the merger. The Washington team and the New York Giants met each other in Week 12 of that season. As of Week 12, Washington had a 6-5 record while the Giants had a 1-8-1 record. A total of 113 points were scored, as Washington defeated their NFC East rivals 72-41.

There were 16 touchdowns scored in the game and only one field goal. A fumble return, an interception return, and a punt return were three of the 16 touchdowns (all by Washington).

Sonny Jurgensen of Washington’s offence threw three throwing touchdowns, two of which went to Charley Taylor. A.D. Whitfield scored two more touchdowns on the ground and snagged Jurgensen’s third passing score. Three touchdown passes were also made by the Giants, with two coming from Gary Wood and one from Tom Kennedy.

In NFL history, how many times have 100 points been scored?
The Washington-Giants game may have had the greatest score, but it wasn’t the first NFL game to include over 100 points. It has occurred a total of six times.


There were over 100 points scored in two pre-merger contests. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers 63-40 in the first of two games in 1948. Frankie Albert, a quarterback with the 49ers, added a rushing touchdown to his four passing scores in the contest. While playing, Dodgers quarterback Bob Chappuis threw three touchdown passes.

The second game prior to the merger to surpass 100 points was a 52-49 duel between the Houston Oilers and Oakland Raiders. The Raiders won a nail-biting contest by scoring 10 unanswered points in the fourth quarter. When the score was 49-49, Mike Mercer made the game-winning field goal, giving the game a total score of almost 100 points.

Art Powell received 4 of the 6 touchdown passes from Oakland quarterback Tom Flores, who also had 247 receiving yards. George Blanda threw five touchdown passes for Houston, including two to Willard Dewveall.


Since the NFL merger, there have been four games with 100 points or more scored, including the contest between Washington and the Giants. The next 100-point game in the NFL after 1966 didn’t occur until 2004. The Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Cleveland Browns 58-48 in a divisional NFC North matchup. Deltha O’Neal’s 31-yard interception return gave the Bengals the victory.

Kelly Holcomb, the Browns’ quarterback, threw for 413 yards and 5 touchdowns throughout the game. Steve Heiden scored 3 times on 7 receptions, compared to Antonio Bryant’s 2 touchdowns and 131 receiving yards. Carson Palmer completed 4 touchdown passes for the Bengals, including 2 to T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Rudi Johnson, a running back, added 202 yards and 2 touchdowns on 26 carries.

The New Orleans Saints defeated the New York Giants 52-49 in 2015. Three of Eli Manning’s six touchdown passes to Odell Beckham Jr. In the meantime, Kai Forbath’s 50-yard field goal gave the Saints a win in the closing seconds as Drew Brees fired 7 touchdown passes.

The Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs played in the most recent game with over 100 points scored. A total of 105 points were scored; Jared Goff’s 40-yard touchdown pass to tight end Gerald Everett helped the Rams win. Goff scored one rushing and four times through the air.

Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ quarterback, threw six touchdown passes simultaneously. He did, however, fumble once and had an interception returned for a score by the Rams.

NFL’s lowest-scoring game ever

73 games have finished scoreless in the history of the NFL. But since the Giants and Detroit Lions did it in 1943, it hasn’t happened. In a similar vein, five NFL games have ever ended with a 2-0 score. Again, since the merger, there have not been any games of this nature; the last one was between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers in 1938.

3-0 is the lowest NFL score ever recorded following the merger. It has occurred a total of six times during the Super Bowl era. The first one happened in 1971, when a field goal by Fred Cox in the fourth quarter helped the Minnesota Vikings overcome the Packers. The Miami Dolphins were defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2007 under a severe downpour, which was the most recent instance. With 17 seconds left in the game, Jeff Reed made a 24-yard field goal.

What are the most common scores in the NFL?

20-17 is the most frequent result in NFL history, occurring 269 times. The first instance of that outcome occurred in 1944, while the most recent instance occurred in Week 14 of the 2020 campaign.

In the 2020 season, a 20-17 score appeared three times, and it has done so an average of three times every season during the previous three years. But eight games in all ended with this score in 2017.

In NFL history, a score of 27-24 has occurred 217 times, which is the second-most frequent result. The most recent instance was when the Buffalo Bills defeated the Indianapolis Colts in the Wild Card round of the 2020 NFL season. Six times during the previous season, the final score was 27-24. Over five games every year on average over the past three years have ended with a 27-24 score. The Cleveland Rams and the Packers first used this scoreline in 1939.

17-14 is the third most frequent NFL score. The first time that score was recorded was in 1933, and the most recent was on December 27, 2020. Surprisingly, in the previous three seasons, a 17-14 score has only occurred once.

What NFL scores have never happened?

In the history of the NFL, a lot of scores have never happened. A single point has never been scored by a squad. This is due to the fact that the only way to accomplish this is for the defence to signal a safety on an extra point. 6-1 is the lowest score at which a team can score just one point. This is due to the requirement that at least one touchdown be scored for a one-point convert to succeed.

The lowest score that has never occurred in terms of more probable outcomes is 14-8. There are various possible outcomes for this score. The winning team might, for instance, score two touchdowns or one touchdown, a two-point conversion, and two field goals. The losing side, on the other hand, could either make two field goals and record a safety or score a touchdown with a two-point conversion.

How were teams able to score four points throughout a game?

An NFL team might score four points in one of two ways. Both options are uncommon, and the NFL has only ever seen one game in which four points were scored. When the Chicago Cardinals defeated the Racine Legion in 1923, they did so by scoring four points. The Cardinals accomplished this by scoring a safety twice. Only a field goal and the addition of a one-point safety by returning an extra point to the opposition end zone would result in a four-point score.

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