Olivia Munn Shares AdorablePhotos of Son Malcolm, 8 Months ‘Might Be Getting My Dimple’

Olivia Munn

Malcolm, 8, is Olivia Munn’s child with boyfriend John Mulaney. The 41-year-old Love, Wedding, Repeat actress posted fresh images of her and 8-month-old Malcolm Hip on Friday. In the three photos shared on Instagram, Munn is seated in a comfortable chair with Malcolm on her lap wearing a striped onesie. Munn is wearing a striped button-down shirt.

Olivia Munn’s Little Boy Is Growing Up Fast!

She captioned the pictures, which also featured a mother and son looking away from the camera and a close-up of the baby in which she gently squeezes his cheeks together. “He could be getting my dimples,” she wrote.

The new mother, who has a kid named Malcolm with her partner John Mulaney, said last month that Malcolm was recuperating from his first illness.

Munn captioned a picture of her son lying on her chest in her Instagram Story, “Got through our first sickness.” Despite the fact that I haven’t slept well since last Wednesday, there is nowhere I’d rather be than holding my young son while being covered in his explosive poop.

Olivia Munn

Days later, the actress said she “felt Malcolm was better,” but the two still had a challenging night.

She added on her Instagram Story, using a filter as she talked, “We had another night of high fevers and plenty of bodily fluids.” I’m so exhausted that I don’t even want to know how I would appear without these ladybugs and butterflies covering my face.

Malcolm will be welcomed by Mulaney and the Newsroom alum on November 24, 2021, an insider previously told PEOPLE. On Christmas Eve, the couple shared gorgeous images of baby Malcolm resting inside a warm blanket with the world.

Mulaney talked about the memorable day on Late Night with Seth Meyers in June, when he celebrated his first Father’s Day with the child.

He bought me a tonne of presents, Mulaney claimed. “I got out of bed and joined him for breakfast. He also has a new trick where he carefully brings the camera into his lips when I turn on the phone in selfie mode and start recording. Thus, the twist ending is the same in all of his movies.”

Olivia Munn’s bio:

Actress Olivia Munn (born July 3, 1980) made her Hollywood debut with a small role in the 2004 horror film Scarecrow Gone Wild. She is known for her sultry looks and tomboy attitude.

The celebrity, who was raised in Tokyo but was born in Oklahoma, then joined G4 TV two years later as host of Attack of the Show! She retained this role until 2010, when she became a correspondent for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. In September 2011, her final broadcast as a correspondent took place. Munn is well-known for her parts in the movies Date Night, Iron Man 2, The Babymakers, Deliver Us From Evil, and X-Men: Apocalypse from 2010 to 2016.

After three years of dating, Munn and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers parted ways in 2017.

In May 2021, days after the comedian announced his separation from his then-wife Anna Marie Tendler, Us Weekly verified that she was seeing John Mulaney. In September 2021, Mulaney disclosed that Munn was expecting.

Olivia Munn Holds Hands With John Mulaney While Heading to His Stand Up Show

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney hold hands as they leave their hotel in New York City for the evening on Friday (June 24).

The adorable couple traveled to Madison Square Garden for John’s scheduled stand-up performance in a relaxed manner.

For the brief outing, Olivia and John kept things informal as they made their way to a waiting car.

Just the day before, the two of them were seen traveling along a similar path.

The most recent picture of Malcolm, Olivia and John’s little boy that she shared on social media is quite adorable. Click here to view it now!

On the way to John Mulaney’s MSG show, Olivia Munn joins him.

Olivia Munn is showing support for boyfriend John Mulaney!

On Thursday afternoon (June 23), the 41-year-old actress was spotted accompanying John, 39, as they made their way to the latter’s performance at Madison Square Garden.

John is presently on tour in North America, and this week he will perform three times at the venerable New York theater. He will perform there again on Friday and Saturday after tonight.

After welcoming son Malcolm in December 2021, John spoke about his first Father’s Day during an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this week.

John said, “He got me a tonne of gifts.” “When I woke up, I joined him for breakfast. He also has a new trick where he carefully brings the camera into his lips when I turn on the phone in selfie mode and start recording. Therefore, his movies all have the same twist.

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