Onlyfans Model Loses £182 Million- Rachel Kennedy

Rachel Kennedy Onlyfans

A 19-year-old model attempted to collect a £182 million lottery jackpot but was denied because she did not pay for her winning ticket.

Rachel Kennedy, a Brighton University student, claims she plays the Euromillions lottery every week with the same numbers.When all of her numbers were picked for the jackpot, the kid said she was “going crazy” with excitement and instantly called up to confirm her victory.

Officials believe the young model is ineligible to win the £182 million prize because she did not have enough money in her account to cover the cost of her ticket.

Rachel is “absolutely heartbroken” about being denied the life-changing sum of money and promises to appeal the decision.

“I went on the app and it said ‘Winning Match,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve won,'” the adolescent explained to The Sun.

“I called the number thinking I had won £182 million, but they told me, ‘You didn’t have the funds in your account for the payment of the ticket, so it didn’t go through,'” she explained.

Rachel’s boyfriend, Liam, 21, was reportedly “very upset” when he discovered his girlfriend had failed to purchase the winning lottery ticket.

It’s unknown why the 19-year-old girl didn’t have enough money in her account to purchase the lottery ticket, or why she believes she’s entitled to the jackpot.

According to her close friend Emily, the adolescent has “trouble managing her money” and has recently turned to online modeling to supplement her income.

“Rachel is devastated over losing all of that money,” Emily explained. “She recently opened an OnlyFans account to help pay for her expenses.”

The university student intends to continue playing the lottery and will use the money she gets from modeling to fund her hectic lifestyle.

Rachel now believes her lottery numbers, which she had been using for weeks, are unlucky, and she has changed her numbers for the next draw.

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