Packers & Movers Services In Nyc

Packers & Movers Services In Nyc

Your packing is taken care of at the pick-up site of your relocation by our full packing service. We can pack all or a portion of your stuff, allowing you to concentrate on other moving-related tasks. Your entire shipment of boxes and items will be delivered safely so you can unpack them at your own leisure in peace in your new home.

Light Labour Requires Many Hands. Leave The Packing To Us.

It’s amazing how long packing can take, even for a small apartment, much less a house with 20 years’ worth of memories. Some of the most important times in our life might also involve moving. Settling into your new home will be enjoyable thanks to our team’s expert packing and labelling of all your belongings for a simple unpacking experience. Our movers are qualified and experienced to pack your priceless belongings securely and successfully.

We Can Pack Your Kitchen, Bedroom Or Entire Home

Some Of The Typical Packaging Services We Offer To Our Clients Include:

  • Glassware, dinnerware, cutlery, utensils, knife blocks, baking trays, pots, pans, chopping boards, cleaning supplies, and appliances like toasters, kettles, mixers, and blenders are all included in the kitchen.
  • The living room features a TV, speakers, books, pot plants, lamps, heaters, decorations, pillows, and drapes.
  • apparel, shoes, jackets, and other accessories make up a wardrobe. Due to the fact that most homes have many wardrobes, each one is packed separately and clearly marked.
  • bedroom with curtains, pillows, bed linen, mementos, lamps, fans, bedside tables, and children’s toys.
  • A study area with crucial papers, gadgets, books, storage furniture, certifications, lighting, and wall art
  • Toiletries, cosmetics, towels, and bathroom equipment including electric shavers and blow dryers
  • Storage shelves, outdoor equipment, big machines like leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners, luggage, bicycles, and tools are all kept in the garage.
  • Entire house, including all rooms and everything in them

High-Quality Packaging To Safeguard Your Items

For the protection of your priceless items, we exclusively utilize top-notch packing supplies. As we pack your goods to ensure their safe arrival in your new home, we use all of our wrapping paper, boxes, plastic bins, and wrapping cloths. We use packaging made specifically for each piece of household equipment. We come prepared with everything we’ll need to carefully buffer, box, label, and secure your belongings so they can be loaded onto one of our clean, secure trucks on the big day.

Professional Packaging Practises And Security

The key to feeling secure about the movers handling your possessions is to work with professionals who are knowledgeable, compliant, and adequately insured.

Packers & Movers Services In Nyc

At Piece of Cake, no contractors are employed. Our movers are fully accountable because they have undergone background checks and were hired in accordance with our high requirements. We also provide our movers with training and support in order for them to meet our demanding standards and expectations. You’ll notice the Piece of Cake difference in your next move when you combine those elements with a culture that is based on caring and respect and gives back to our communities.

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