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Recently, a student from Victoria Park Academy in the West Midlands of England told me about Word Hippo. It serves as an online thesaurus, dictionary, and word-helper in general.

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I’m used to using reference materials like the Oxford English dictionary and others, to which I have access thanks to my library subscription, so I wasn’t overly hopeful when I went to Word Hippo.

But as you can see from the screenshots below, there are a lot of alternatives. Just to put “granularity” to the test, I used it. It was unable to think of any sentences that contained it or words that rhyme with it. A definition and a synonym were produced, but not its antonym.

It is strange that “coarseness” was chosen as a synonym because you wouldn’t have imagined it would be so challenging to come up with anything like “fineness.”

However, it’s difficult to beat as a general all-purpose online dictionary. Additionally, it is free, which is always a plus!

A website with useful vocabulary materials is called Word Hippo. The broad resource list includes rhyming words, pronunciation, word definitions (with sample sentences), synonyms, antonyms, and word meanings. Simply enter a keyword in the website’s top search box and choose the resource you want to use. A word form generator is also available, which will provide a list of a word’s various spellings, including its plural, noun, verb, and even verb tenses. The English terms on Word Hippo are the most helpful, although certain resource areas also offer words in French and German. Resources for the foreign language’s conjugation and translation can be found in these areas. Each of these word resource tools works in concert with the others to help website visitors grasp language better.

All of your word needs can be met at Word Hippo. It has a dictionary, thesaurus, rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, example sentences, translations into more than 80 languages, the ability to find words of various lengths based on particular letters or blends, the ability to find words in various forms (plural, past tense, present tense, etc.), and the ability to hear pronunciations. When playing a Scrabble-like game or taking a writing or literacy lesson, Word Hippo is especially helpful for ELL students.

Users’ Favourite Features of the App

I rarely write reviews, but I adore this app and would heartily suggest it to everyone who does. I frequently use this app for my own work, especially when I mispronounce a word.

“This software is great. I’ve been using it on the internet for a while now, and I’ve actually grown to like it while using it to translate material from/to Mandarin Chinese for my Immersion lessons. I can also use it because I want to be a writer.

I’ve used a tonne of word processing programmes. Hippo understands how words flow and ebb in verbal languages. They are also translated and defined. And it’s all free. Wonderful to use in every way. friendly to text

“I genuinely adore this software.” When I grow up, I want to be a novelist, and this helps me come up with catchy phrases! If you’re considering buying it after reading my review, go ahead! If you’re asking for the app and showing it to your strict parents, let me tell them that even though my parents are tough, this app is actually helping me learn new things.

“Great, there are hardly any ads and I always learn something new when I use this app. Well done! an application that delivers on its promises. An excellent app to have on your phone.

Why Users Don’t Like the App

On my brand-new Samsung A32 5G phone, I consistently see the message “There was an error fetching the data,” which prevents me from using the programme. No luck after trying to uninstall and reinstall. The website is operational.

It won’t yield any outcomes. I repeatedly tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but nothing changed. installing lastly removing.

“I have no interest if I cannot remove the advertising, however it received an extra star because it passed my thesaurus check,”

When the phrase “Wait while we activate our security service” appears, just uninstall the programme because nothing ever happens. This is disappointing because this was my go-to.

“After downloading this app, I looked up the Latin word “es” to see what it looked like. The response was “words don’t exist.” Instead, I was unable to leave the page before making a purchase and paying for it. Power had to be turned off so I could clean the Cache.

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