Samantha Svoboda FBI Feb 2022- Know The Real Facts!

samantha svoboda

After flaunting a “fake vaccine card” in one of her recent videos, a TikToker going by the moniker “notsamantharose17” may have accidentally TikToked herself into federal charges. This article discusses Samantha Svoboda FBI and how social media affects people all across the world.

Are you familiar with the FBI’s Samantha Svoboda? Did you take a look at the online video that is going viral? Do you wish to know what the subject of the video is? Please read the article below for the solution to your query.

It’s a moment when many people receive the vaccination on the same day. However, a single TikTok video has generated significant news for individuals all over the world. We shall discuss the viral video that went viral everywhere in this article.

Who is Samantha Svoboda?

Samantha Svoboda, a TikTok star, recently encountered FBI issues as a result of displaying a fraudulent vaccination card in one of her recent videos. For additional reading, people were also looking for Samantha Svoboda FBI. The TikTok celebrity is a fervent supporter of Trump. Samantha Rose 17 is not her TikTok username. She was born in the USA in 1998. On Instagram, she has about 20.3K followers (social media handle).

What is the fake Covid-19 Card of Samantha Svoboda?

A covid-19 vaccination card is one kind of documentation confirming a person has received the necessary shots. These days, the importance of this immunisation card has increased. Many businesses require their employees to have a vaccination card in order for them to work at any business. However, this card needs to become popular on a number of social media sites, including Twitter, YouTube, and others.

Through this thoroughly researched article about Samantha Svoboda FBI, we discover the public’s opinions regarding whether or not the FBI ought to check into the situation because it could be detrimental to the nation’s residents. Many people have retweeted the video with the bogus Covid-19 vaccination card.

We’ll now fill you in on how people are responding to the video that is currently trending on social media.

Samantha Svoboda, aka “notsamantharose17,” has achieved popularity, albeit not the kind of celebrity she had hoped for on the internet. The TikTok user who had over 300,000 followers at one point had her account removed from the service.

If the charges against the internet star are true, her most recent video could get her into even more problems with the FBI.


Samantha is a social media influencer who has more than 20,000 Instagram followers. She appears to be a fitness enthusiast based on the number of her Instagram postings.

Samantha has a post dated June 2021 that says she just received her degree. The internet celebrity is a fervent Trump fan. “Thank you for the last 4 years, President Trump, we will always adore you,” she captioned a photo of herself wearing a hat in favour of the outgoing President in January 2021.

She is a cofounder of “Today is America,” a collective of social media content producers who focus on “free-thinking, conservative, funny, and societal content.”

Additionally, Samantha shared a video on Instagram of a dead buck, which some of her followers found to be “disgusting.”

She created a new account on TikTok under the name “notsamantharose17” after her primary account was suspended. She has posted videos expressing her admiration for the late President Trump and contempt for the sitting President Joe Biden. Samantha even carries a “F*ck Biden” flag in one of her TikTok videos.

In one of her videos, she discussed getting banned from TikTok and asserted, “TikTok really dislikes women with strong beliefs, that’s what it is.”

In addition, she called TikTok “a bunch of communists” for kicking her off the app, which baffled many of her fans.


@thatdaneshguy found Samantha’s TikTok video where the vaccination card was displayed (Danesh). Who in there hasn’t had a vaccination, the video’s producer asks. She then moves closer to the camera and says, “Me.” The song “What You Gonna Do About It?” is playing in the background while she continues to lip sync.

Danesh responded in this TikTok and put it on his account. He appears on the screen and says, chuckling, “Quite literally report you to the FBI for a false COVID immunisation card,” in the reaction video.

“However, why would you dispute this? Your details are printed on the card. Look!” exclaims Danesh.

Samantha later deleted the immunisation card-related video, but Danesh shared the video with his answer on Twitter. Even worse, he admitted that he had informed the FBI about her.

HOW DID YOU THINK THIS WAS GOING TO GO? he said in the tweet.

@FBI Let me know what you think about the email I just wrote to you people regarding Samantha Rose Svoboda.

The police have not yet verified if they actually got a report from Danesh or whether Samantha is indeed guilty of the charges.

Making, selling, or using a false vaccination card is a federal offence, according to a public service announcement the FBI released in March.

Danesh, who reposted Samantha’s TikTok, stated in a recent interview that Samantha was “using a phoney vaccination card to deceive guidelines at public occasions (like a concert she reportedly attended lately) where there would be other people there whom she is making a medical decision for.”


When the video appeared on Twitter, users were incensed. Here are a few noteworthy responses.

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