South African Woman Makes 249 Cups of Tea In One Hour To Set World Record

Ingar Valentyn

After a wildfire devastated her hamlet in 2018, Ingar Valentyn inspired the world to increase tourism in Wupperthal.

According to Guinness World Records, South African national Ingar Valentyn holds the record for brewing the most cups of tea in one hour. Rooibos tea, a red herbal beverage produced by Ms. Valentyn from the leaves of the South African shrub Aspalathus linearis, was served in 249 cups.

Ingar Valentyn

A minimum of 150 cups of tea have to be prepared in an hour to pull off the feat. She utilised rooibos in its original, vanilla, and strawberry flavours.

Ms. Valentyn approached her task with a well-defined plan. She produced four cups of tea using four tea bags in each teapot, setting a Guinness World Record. Each tea bag required to steep for at least two minutes in order to be considered authentic rooibos tea. She promptly began the next batch after pouring the first three teapots and adding the teabags.

Additionally, Guinness World Records made sure that during her attempt, their no-waste guideline was followed. There was a group of people drinking tea there, including local residents and students.

After 20 minutes of the tournament, Ms. Valentyn had no clean cups remaining. She received help from the students, who helped her by washing the tea mugs they used.

Ms. Valentyn was certain she had broken the record within an hour. She reportedly informed Guinness World Records, “I guess I’ve done 170.” She had, however, outdone her own forecast when it turned out that she had produced 249 cups of tea in all, or more than four every minute. One cup was eliminated since it didn’t meet the quantity requirements.

The goal of Ms. Valentyn’s endeavour was to break the record in order to promote tourism and honour the inhabitants of Wupperthal after a wildfire destroyed the mountain village in 2018. I’m quite excited about the record and for our town of Wuppertal, the speaker declared.

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