Student Loan – Why Do You Need It?

Student Loan

Many of us, if not taking, then certainly thought, pondered on the topic of loans for students. It is clear that everyone has different needs, and the desired, or even the required amount of money is also different.

We tried to understand the situation today, how easy or difficult it is for a student to take a bank loan, and made a small overview.

Nowadays Strategic default private student loans are very common and are providing a great assistance to the people who don’t have enough direct cash to start private studies. 

Not so long ago, my colleagues and I held a small social event. a survey on the topic “Credit and Me”. And what have we found out? It turned out that for some people (60% of the respondents), credit is a “lifesaver”, for others, credit is something unacceptable, and for some, something very “distant”.

So let’s start in order.

Consumer loan for student

This is one of the most popular types of loans. As a result, the client can get a loan for any product (household appliances, furniture, clothing, food, etc.). Having paid, both in cash and by bank transfer.

Very often, in shopping malls, we can observe a “stand” with a bank representative (consultant) who will tell, show and explain why a consumer loan is needed. However, this type of lending has been in Russia for a long time, and it is very convenient. But!….

There is always a “But”! The loan amount is limited. Often the amount of a consumer loan does not exceed 250 thousand rubles.

Student loan

Let’s talk about a fairly new type of lending – an educational loan. After graduating from school, college, technical school, we are faced with the question: “Where to go to study?”, “What to become?” etc. We pass the entrance exams and are enrolled in the university.

There is nothing to pay for the loan

But, as it turned out, it is too early to rejoice that the main question is still ahead: “How to pay for the studies?” A lot of people, due to the impossibility of paying for their further studies (and, as you know, there are very few budget places) do not continue their studies … and this is a fact.

In this regard, a number of banks offer educational loans.

A student loan is issued exclusively to pay for educational services.

Consider the “+” of a student loan.

Any citizen of the Russian Federation who graduated from the 9th or 11th grade of the school can use the services of an educational loan. But before the age of 18, written parental consent is required. You can pay for any type of education (full-time, part-time, part-time, postgraduate studies)

During training, pay only interest on the loan, and pay off the rest within the period specified in the agreement (but it all depends on the bank and the program in which the loan was issued). But there are also loans with equal share payments, distributed over the entire loan period. This is great for working students.

Payment most often takes place by bank transfer, within the time frame established with the borrower. Consider the “-” of educational lending. The main disadvantage is still a fairly high interest rate on the loan. Unrealistic for many “yesterday” schoolchildren, the requirements of the bank, for example: the provision of a certificate of income.

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