Telstra Speed Test: How To Check Your Internet Speed

telstra speed test

There’s a good possibility that your Telstra NBN plan isn’t moving as rapidly as you’d like it to if you’re here to speed test it. There are many things to take into account when it comes to NBN speed. Perhaps there is maintenance going on, perhaps there is traffic, perhaps your plan is too sluggish for what you need, perhaps someone is using up all the WiFi power.

Check your current download speeds before we continue to discuss Telstra NBN speeds and what you may anticipate from them. You can use this to determine what you need to do to speed up the process.

Telstra’s fastest mobile network (Telstra Speed Test)

For the period of Q1 to Q2 2018, Telstra won Australia’s Speedtest Awards for mobile network speed. With average download speeds of 53.42 Mbps and average upload speeds of 17.53 Mbps, Telstra received a Speed Score of 47.27 to win this prize.

Telstra Speed Test

Telstra NBN operates similarly to the majority of other NBN service providers, which means that it frequently sticks with the conventional speed tiers. Depending on your technology choice and plan selection, Telstra offers speeds ranging from 25Mbps to 1000Mbps.

One of the companies delivering the fastest NBN speeds is without a doubt Telstra. Its NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100 plans each offer typical nightly speeds of 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 100 Mbps, respectively, and are all reportedly congestion-free.

Telstra was the fastest NBN provider at the time of writing with speeds greater than 100Mbps. The NBN 250 and NBN 1000 speed tiers were launched by NBN Co. in recent years, however only HFC and Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) subscribers can use them.

Currently, only Telstra offers NBN 250 plans with typical nightly speeds of 250Mbps. Telstra also offers the fastest NBN 1000 plans, with speeds of 700Mbps.

Telstra speeds vs. other providers

The only things that distinguish NBN operators providing access to the same network are speed and cost. You may occasionally pay a little bit more to receive a few more megabits per second (Mbps) of download speed or to take advantage of extra benefits or bonuses from the supplier. Here is a comparison of Telstra’s NBN 100 plans to those of other well-known providers.

The creation of a connection that is accessible to all Australians was the entire goal of the NBN. We didn’t quite succeed, but at least you may anticipate reasonably comparable offerings from the different market players.

Of course, Telstra is a well-known brand, and with that brand comes the normal Telstra pricing. You must be prepared to spend Big $ if you want Big T. Fast speeds and some extras, including inexpensive cinema tickets and the Telstra Plus programme, come with the higher prices, though. All plans are contract-free, and you’ll get 4G backup with the Telstra Smart Modem, but keep in mind that you’ll have to pay the provider for this modem over the course of 24 months. You will be responsible for the remaining modem cost if you decide to quit sooner.

NBN speed levels for Telstra

Telstra employs the standard NBN speed tiers, which range from NBN 25 to NBN 1000, as we already established. which are

  • NBN 25 (Basic II)
  • NBN 50 (Standard)
  • NBN 100 (Fast)
  • NBN 250 (Superfast)
  • NBN 1000 (Ultrafast)

To be eligible for a package that offers speeds more than 100Mbps, you must be on FTTP or one of the fortunate 95% of HFC customers who will receive an upgrade by the end of 2021.

Here is the complete list of NBN plans currently offered by Telstra.

NBN evening speed average

The download speed you’re likely to see during peak NBN usage times is typical evening speeds. NBN technology has a finite amount of bandwidth and is a shared resource. The capacity on the network is something that NBN providers purchase under the name CVC. The higher average evening speeds that can be passed on to customers, the more providers will invest in this.

These speeds have increased over time, and all but a small number of providers are currently offering the highest usual nighttime speeds offered by NBN 25 and NBN 50 plans. It is still important to consider how much you spend per Mbps of normal nighttime speed on speed levels higher than this. It is a reliable method of evaluating the worth of your plan.

What speed you need

Your NBN connection’s speed is used to some extent by every online activity you engage in. It may take 5Mbps to stream Netflix, 2Mbps to browse the internet, and 3Mbps to play an online game on your console at the same time, using up 10Mbps of your NBN connection speed.

Here are some rough estimates of the speeds required for certain internet activity.

Add up the total number of Mbps you would require to carry out all of these tasks at once in order to determine the ideal internet speed for you. If there are numerous people living in your home who might perform them simultaneously, count it twice. The least internet speed you should be considering is whatever your total is.

Reasons why your NBN is slow

Your NBN may be slow for a variety of reasons; there is no one single cause to take into account.

Your NBN plan is too slow for your requirements.

It’s possible that your NBN speed tier is too sluggish for your needs, even if you conducted the math above to determine it. Simply discover a quicker way to solve this. In Australia, NBN 50 is used in the vast majority of active NBN plans. This is ideal for some, excessive for others, and too slow for other homes. here are the all telstra speed test information for more details you can check on offically website.

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