The 5 Best Restaurants in Bulgaria

Trying the local cuisine is an essential aspect of every vacation, and in Bulgaria you’ll have plenty of options when dining out. There is something to be said for Bulgaria’s fine dining scene in addition to its legendary baseball-sized tomatoes, cool chopska salads, and hearty clay pot stews. We spent three weeks travelling around this amazing country, and the extra weight around our waists is proof of that.

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Regarding ingredient quality, wine selection, and culinary fervour, restaurants in Bulgaria are on par with those in Paris, London, and New York. Here are the top eateries we visited while visiting one of Europe’s culinary treasures. You can watch the videos we made for several of them by clicking the link.

Here Are The Top 5 Best Traditional Bulgarian Restaurants

Rose Restaurant, Burgas

One of the top fusion restaurants in the city is Rose Restaurant, which is situated along Aleko Bogoridi, the main pedestrian boulevard. Italian and French-Mediterranean dishes are served to diners along with an exceptional wine list in a chic setting. There is both indoor and outdoor seating. A 200-year-old house that has been refurbished houses the restaurant. What was once a posh pizza has evolved into one of the top restaurants in Burgas. Every evening there is live music. The cost of a main dish ranges from 20 to 40 BGN.

Ethno, Burgas

Greek seafood restaurant Ethno Restaurant is situated along the busy Alexandrovska Boulevard. The menu at Ethno is extensive and looks like it might be found at a contemporary tavern in Athens. It includes seafood, salads, soups, and grilled meats. The grilled seafood and meat platters, however, are the best items on the menu. You’d be wise to take advantage of the abundance of fresh fish available in Burgas. The restaurant is one of our favourites in Burgas because of its strategic position, elegant interior design, and delectable menu. The cost of a main dish ranges from 15 to 25 BGN.

Restoran Vodenitsata, Burgas

Visit the Vodenitsata “the Windmill” Restaurant in the lovely beachfront park of Burgas for authentic Bulgarian cuisine. If the terracotta roof tiles and wood cladding aren’t charming enough, perhaps the mouthwatering meals will. When there is live music, we advise making a reservation and coming for supper. Avoid the heat and insects by sitting indoors while yet taking in the lively, relaxed environment. Order house wine and a typical pork sac (pronounce it “sach”). The family-friendly restaurant Restoran Vodenitsata offers affordable eating options.

Brestovitsa Wine House, Plovdiv

One of Plovdiv’s best hidden secrets is what appears to be a simple wine shop. Simply ring the bell and go downstairs to the Brestovitsa Wine House to sample some incredible meal and wine combinations. This classy, understated restaurant operated by the Porteva family is the perfect spot to try delectable Bulgarian wines. You may experience seven great types on a tasting menu, including merlot, rubin, and mavrut. You’ll sample Bendida, the Portiva family’s very own wine brand, and enjoy prepared meals paired with the evening’s wine selection. It is highly recommended that you make a table reservation in advance as Brestovitsa Wine House routinely conducts wine club meetings and tastings. The wines of the Brestovitsa Wine House are of the highest calibre and are reasonably priced ($8–$12), if you have a favourite.

Dayana, Plovdiv

Restaurant Dayana, which has five locations across Plovdiv, never fails to draw large crowds. The most well-known Bulgarian foods are served at this collection of shabby-chic restaurants: “kavkaski”-style skewers, classic sac platters, delectable appetiser dips, homemade breads, grilled meats, and zingy salads. The Dayana eateries are excellent for lunch or dinner, are fairly priced, and have outrageously bizarre folk-themed décor. The portions at Dayana are enormous and come in sizes of 300 grammes, 500 grammes, 800 grammes, and 1,200 grammes. The average cost per plate is between 5 and 10 BGN. Dayana is perfect for big groups and families.

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