The Best Hair Salons in Melbourne

Hair Salons in Melbourne

We can all relate to the feelings of humiliation and destruction that follow a few poor hair colouring and haircutting experiences in our life. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of Melbourne’s top hair salons, including those that specialise in everything from basic hairstyles and colour to adding weaves and dreadlocks. We think you won’t have many terrible hair days with these experts on your side.

Every woman has experienced the anger and disappointment of an unflattering haircut or colour. A beautiful new hairstyle can make you feel confident and on top of the world, while a bad one can make you want to hide in a hole for the next six weeks. By visiting a reputed hair salon, you can permanently avoid that awful sensation. To ensure that you always leave feeling attractive, we’ve done the legwork for you and narrowed down the top hair salons in Melbourne.

List of The Best Hair Salons in Melbourne

Human Salon

The hair salon in Curtin House is called Human Salon, and it is run by women. Without the steady buzz of rows of clients waiting to be primped, the modest salon, which has only a few seats and washing basins, feels quieter and more tranquil. Clients are given tea or coffee while getting a trim or colour (and for later appointments, wine from Good Intentions Wine Co). And if you’re really lucky, the salon dog Wookie might be living there, giving everyone who likes beachy waves inspiration.

Edwards and Co

With numerous locations across Australia, Edwards and Co. has already established a reputation, and the opening of a studio in Melbourne has further strengthened its position as one of the greatest salons in the nation. Although the salon provides a wide range of services, its blond colour treatments are its specialty. The professionals at Edwards and Co will allay your fears if you’ve been considering going blonde but are worried that you’ll end up with a brassy mop or a hue that completely washes you out.

Mitch Studio

This Ashburton salon is accredited by Sustainable Salons Australia and run by Tara-Lee Mitchell, a hairstylist with almost 15 years of expertise. By doing things like giving hair for composting or to soak up oil spills, recycling extra chemicals for use in making asphalt, and making sure all recyclables are correctly segregated, it is committed to recycling 95% of all trash produced.

African Queens Hair Salon

The manager of this salon in Richmond, Mary Asamoah, is knowledgeable in the chemical and physiology of hair. This means that in addition to being a master in colouring, straightening, and perming hair, she is also knowledgeable about the chemicals that are best for different hair types and textures in order to avoid chemical damage. This is the place to go if you’re having trouble finding a salon that can properly style, trim, and treat your Afro-textured hair.

Delilah Hair Studio

Adrian Panayiotis, a hairstylist with over 25 years of expertise, started Delilah Studio in 2007. The stylists at the salon take great delight in realising your hair objectives, and they are professionals in a variety of hair techniques, including balayage, short cuts, curls, dry cutting, and freehand hair painting. The salon also creates a line of curl creams on its own that are scented with delectable fragrances like cinnamon and cedarwood and are created in Australia from premium ingredients.

Neel Loves Curls

If you have curly hair, you are aware that not just any hairstylist can cut curls well, and you have undoubtedly had more than your fair share of unsatisfactory haircuts. The good news is Neel is an expert on curls. Actually, he only does that; his salon does not offer services for our comrades with straight hair. Neel has the ability to control frizz and give a curly cut that results in manageable ringlets rather than an untidy mop. He also provides you with the tools necessary to duplicate a decent curl at home.

Rubi Hair

Rubi Hair has established itself as the go-to location for the ideal salon experience ever since it first opened its doors in 2012. In addition to regular cuts and colouring, the studio provides a variety of keratin treatments and numerous opulent cosmetics packages. Pricing is determined on the amount of experience of the hairstylist you select.

BODA Hair Boutique

A stylish, award-winning salon, Boda Haircutters specialises in cutting-edge hairstyles and luxurious foil colouring. Owner Martha Kourtidou began her career in obscurity as an unpaid intern at a hair salon, where she picked up all the essential skills. In 2016, she launched BODA, which has since grown into a local franchise with five locations. A variety of procedures, including balayage, highlights, treatments, styling, and trims, are available for booking.

The Blow

Despite our best efforts, not all of us are adept at using a hairdryer or styling tools. If you have a formal event coming up, visit the Blow to get your hair cleaned, dried, and expertly styled. The cosy salon features a six-style menu that includes a complete cleansing and boasts a simple, feminine look drenched in millennial pink tones. There is a style here for everyone, ranging from heavy waves to glossy straight locks.

Rare Earth Hair

Your hair and makeup will be treated in the healthiest and most environmentally responsible ways possible at this Prahran salon using Aveda products made from natural ingredients. Each service comes with a soothing sensory journey, a professional consultation, hair cleansing and conditioning, and complementary beverages. As you get your hair cut, styled, and coloured, take a seat back and unwind.


These men specialise in creating dreadlocks and have even developed their own dreadlocking method that is free of harsh interlocking and backcombing methods, chemicals, and waxes. As a result, your hair loses very little length after being hated up, and the procedure is significantly kinder on your scalp. The team will also suggest some high-quality shampoo and hair products to help you maintain the length, health and long-term success of your dreadlocks.


Spada is a stylish salon in Prahran that is dedicated to delivering you the best hair of your life. This salon states up front that you have come to the wrong place if you’re seeking for a cheap cut. However, you’ve come to the perfect place if you want a fantastic cut and a terrific experience. When you visit Spada, you’ll experience pampering and relaxation while your highly skilled stylist takes the time to offer you exactly what you desire. The crew at Spada promises to provide you with excellent service and is skilled in assisting you in matching your style to your face shape.

Organika Hair

If you’re sick of the overpowering chemical smell in salons, you need to get yourself over to Organika Hair right away. The lovely staff at Organika will give you gorgeous hair without the use of ammonia, sulphates, parabens, or any other harmful chemicals. Instead, to give you the shiny locks of your desires without endangering your health, this salon only employs the most modern natural and organic hair products.

Xiang Hair

Since 1989, Xiang Hair has offered Melbourne’s elite salon services. Since then, the company has expanded to four sites and earned a distinguished reputation. Xiang, now recognised as one of Australia’s top salons, is a superb option for your upcoming cut, colour, or style. You may be confident that your experience will leave you with beautiful hair and a grin on your face thanks to a staff that has received extensive training.

Toni & Guy

Great hair is associated with the Tony & Guy brand. The company, a global leader in the hairdressing sector, provides both outstanding salons and unbelievable hair products. For a cut, colour, treatment, or blow-dry, you can be sure you’ll get outstanding service at one of the brand’s salons. After all, the business has over 50 years of experience in the field and continues to be a leader in cutting-edge colour and styling methods.

Rokk Ebony

Melbourne’s Rokk Ebony is a pioneer in contemporary hairstyling. This salon, which is dedicated to giving each client a special experience, will make you enjoy every second of your appointment. The Rokk Ebony crew is unquestionably skilled at hair cutting and colouring, having won hundreds of honours. You want this team to recreate your hair because they are passionate, committed, and incredibly talented.


Biba is an authority in the field of hair styling, and she has a long record of accolades to back up her claim. Biba exclusively provides hairstyling of the finest calibre. She was named the 2014 and 2013 Australian Hairdresser of the Year. Biba can produce any of your preferred appearances because she is constantly on the cutting edge of new and developing hair styles. Simply visit one of the brand’s 13 conveniently located Melbourne stores and let the staff perform their magic.

Meddlers By Dunkley McKenzie

South Yarra’s Meddlers by Dunkley McKenzie is a gorgeous salon. Chris Dunkley and Gary McKenzie, who had the idea 13 years earlier, wanted to establish a relaxing and stimulating environment where customers could acquire the newest trends. This promise is still kept today by Meddlers by DMc, which offers both men and women exceptional cuts, colours, and styles in a positive setting. The salon’s staff has expanded from a small to a sizable group throughout the years, and they now consist of an excellent collection of bright and amiable people. Naturally, Gary and Chris continue to lead the way with their extraordinary knowledge. Both are brand ambassadors for the renowned men’s grooming company, America Crew, and have experience working backstage at fashion events, photo shoots, and TV campaigns.

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