The Best Music Inspired Watches You Can Buy


Discover Hamilton men’s, women’s and automatic watches which embody American Spirit and Swiss Precision. Including Khaki, Ventura and Jazzmaster

Music is an art made up of rhythms, melodies, pitches, timbres, etc. It is a life form on its own that has a story with several elements in store. Essentially, music is a form of expression – a concept that is similar to a watch.

While this concept of seeing how music and watches can be similar to one another is an in-depth perspective, several people in the industry managed to pull off incorporation between the two elements.

For music lovers, it can be another merchandise for their love in music. For timepiece enthusiasts, it is another variant of style for their fashion tastes. There are a couple of music-inspired watches in the market that can benchmark the beauty and quality of being one of the bests.

ArtyA Sons of Sound Guitar

ArtyA is a watch company known for its groundbreaking and cosmic watch designs. From cave stalagmites to mount Everest snow, their inspirations for styles and wristwatch layouts come from anywhere. ArtyA firmly sticks to its house motto, “Manufacture of Emotions.”

And to no surprise, this watch company manufactured a raw design inspired straight up from musical instruments. Non-imaginative fellows would consider the design looking corny or entirely uncreative. Still, the son of sound guitar watches of this company is a classy and metallic watch that any rock and roll and guitar enthusiast would love.

Released in 2012, the watch was considered to be one of the most High-end guitar watches of the decade. The watch collection ran on a limited-edition franchise, and the price of the watch is probably auctioned in respectable musical or timepiece markets. 

According to the reviews, the design of the son of sound guitar watch collection was refined and wild at the same time – nothing to be surprised with ArtyA company. The timepiece case resembles the head of an electric guitar that has various designs. From classic titanium and steel versions, it also has 18k rose gold and PVD black steel varieties.


While Hamilton stands out as a brand with one of the most quality affordable watches, many musicians would be familiar with the name due to the Broadway musical. Hamilton watches are famous among actors in several action movies like interstellar and Men in Black 3. 

It has always been famous in the cinema world, especially when Elvis Presley himself became a fan of Ventura – a wristwatch that turned tides for the company. The Ventura was the world’s first battery-operated watch. In fact, the clock was featured in the Blue Hawaii musical comedy of Elvis. A featuring that hit the public, especially the Elvis music fans, to the heart.

With this instance, it is not surprising for Hamilton to collaborate with someone who can make a bolder and better version of the Ventura watch. The company worked with Poggy to present the Ventura POGGYTHEMAN that expresses street style but with a spin of Hamilton vibe. 

Poggy is renowned for his capability to reiterate the sceneries of culture, fashion, and even music to his masterpieces with his encyclopedic knowledge in such a field. This collaboration thus gives an extra tribute to the legendary music of Elvis Presley as it is designed with an eye-catching color scheme. This color coordination represents the lively music of Elvis and his pink suits that legendarily glimmered on his stages.

The Ventura POGGYTHEMAND is a nostalgic timepiece that reckons to be worn in modern times. Any Elvis Presley fan or anyone into electro-pop would want a piece of this watch – if not all of it.

Nixon Metallica

Another collaboration that hit the market like a storm was the collaboration between two powerhouses, the American watch company Nixon and the ever-loved band of all rock ages Metallica. The opportunity was in the doorstep of the watch company, and they made sure that the watch design and quality were as aggressive as the music itself.

The watch collection was proud to be a product of various combinations of personalities, music lyrics, and the album of the band itself. Since the company had a clear goal, the mass public got what they deserved out of this hand-in-hand worked merchandise.

The collection represented and expressed the imagery that Metallica carries on – wild and classic. As they released in 2018, the band was stoked to present eight watches that were on edge for being a pure representation of hard metallic rock.


As random as a commoner may think of it, watches and music have similarities more than one. Watches come in different sizes and colors, and music does too. Tunes from various musicians can be slow or fast and loud or soft. Such elements can also be visible with watches. Both are versatile in their own ways of expression. Music in tunes, and watches in designs.

The world is a wonderful place of adventure and exploration, and having these kinds of collaborations and input inspirations proves that there are many areas to explore in our societies. Areas we can all capitalize and benefit from.

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