There Is A Sequel To “My Neighbor Totoro 2” That Can Only Be Seen In Japan

My Neighbor Totoro 2

A My Neighbor Totoro 2 sequel that was released in 2003 seemed to go unnoticed. Its title, Mei and the Kittenbus, refers to Mei’s journey with a kitten aboard the bus seen in the first movie.

One of the least well-known films in the Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli canon is undoubtedly this one. In fact, when they learned of its existence a few years ago, many Japanese fans themselves expressed surprise.

Totoro may not have appeared in any more Ghibli films because the actor who played him passed away from heart failure. This was the final movie in which Hitoshi Takagi played Totoro. 2004 saw his passing.

My Neighbor Totoro 2

It’s impossible to choose just one Studio Ghibli film to watch—like it’s attempting to devour just one potato chip. Even so, the 1988 Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro 2 is considered one of Hayao Miyazaki’s best works among nostalgic anime fans, and it’s easy to see why.

The exquisitely animated movie exudes an adventurous, youthful attitude and features a variety of incredibly inventive characters. Everyone who watches can relate to the heroes’ longing to discover a wonderful world concealed in their neighbourhood.

Despite the film’s undeniable popularity, very few viewers are aware of the My Neighbor Totoro 2 sequel. The movie, Mei and the Kittenbus, is shockingly difficult to find; anyone who wants to see it must start looking for a flight to Japan.

There’s Totally a My Neighbor Totoro Sequel, But You Can Only See It At The Ghibli Museum

This 13-minute short tells the following story. Mei is a cheerful young lady, and Mei’s mother has been home from the hospital for some time. Mei goes outside and eats a caramel sweet while gazing up at the sky. She hurries home while being pursued by a whirlwind and captures it. The Kittenbus is the whirlwind! Oh, my, is it adorable!

The Kittenbus initially panics and attempts to flee, but after Mei gives him a treat, he begins to relax a little. After leaving, he returns to Mei’s window in the middle of the night. Mei sees the Catbus from the first movie while he is driving her.

My Neighbor Totoro 2

Is that your dad, Kittenbus? she queries. the Kittenbus responds with a meow. He then drives her to the location where several Totoro-like creatures, including Totoro, are dropped off by all the Catbus. Mei salutes him and embraces him tightly.

Once she has met her, she gives Kittenbus’ grandmother a caramel. Mei licks her back after she licks her. The movie then comes to a conclusion as they take Mei home.

At the moment, it is only available in Japan, and even then, the chances are limited. You might not be able to see the Ghibli Museum at all depending on where it is in the rotation of shorts. It is available on DailyMotion, however the quality is poor because you can make out the shadows of two persons standing in front of the person who filmed it. You can go here if you are compelled to view it.

A visit to the Ghibli Museum in Japan would be the best way to truly understand this. When the new theme park debuts in 2022, hopefully it will be on rotation, or maybe it will perform there. 

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